Summer Wishlist

I felt distinctly less materialistic for the last few months, so didn’t have enough items to form a post, until now…


Krad Lanrete – Le Portrait de Marie overcoat



Krad Lanrete – Le Portrait de Marie JSK 

Though I had actually paid for this dress (and a skirt) in purple and pink well within the time frame given for orders, my shopping service (apparently) sent the order in too late, so I missed out. I still feel very resentful about this. 😛 But I haven’t given up hope of finding a second-hand one yet! Edit: Yay, was able to secure a dress from their “leftovers” sale!


Akane & Alois – one piece dress

What a glorious piece for a Spring picnic, and a walk through the gardens! Wish it was still available.


Eine Lilie – Violon d’Ingres Stockings


Purple Fishbowl – Oil painting dark green dress and matching clutch

A friend showed me this Etsy designer and I was instantly taken with their painting prints, which could be a timeless and more affordable option for those who like Juliette et Justine’s art prints trend.


Purple Fishbowl – Marie Antoinette Skirt


Purple Fishbowl – Emerald Green Floral Dress


Viona Art – Noble Blood Vampire Chronicles

I’ve been following Viona’s work and collaborations for a number of years now. My friend picked up a copy of this during the Kickstarter, but I was impressed with the size, quality, and amount of images. The only thing I don’t care for is the amount of fake blood (my preferred incarnation of a vampire wouldn’t dream of making so much mess!), but perhaps it would’ve been harder to tell that these were vampires without it?



2014 ACO Subscription

Tognetti in Recital | Haydn & Italian Cello | Paganini/Tognetti | Tarrawarra Festival

I love the Australian Chamber Orchestra – I always leave their concerts on a high which seems to last a week or so. Despite under-30s tickets not being at all expensive, I just didn’t have enough money to get them at the best time, particularly before the Tarrawarra festival sold out, which is disappointing for me because I live relatively close and it’s much more convenient to get to!
Edit: I was able to get tickets to both Tognetti concerts so may blog about those in the coming months! One falls the day after my birthday so it will make a nice gift. 😀


  1. My goodness, that overcoat is just lovely! I also really like the Akane & Alois OP, I love lolita dresses with a longer silhouette. You have some really wonderful finds here, and I do hope you’re able to find a Le Portrait de Marie JSK!
    I’ve been following your blog for a while and decided to be brave and come out of lurking to let you know I’d nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. If you’d like to take part, you can pop over to my blog ( and see the questions I’ve prepared, but if not that’s awesome and I’ll understand 🙂 I hope you’re doing well <3

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Aww, that’s so sweet, thanks for nominating me and inviting me to participate! ^_^ I don’t think I realised before now that there was such a 60s blog fandom – I love it when people incorporate things they’re passionate about into the aesthetics of everyday life!
      I should be able to tackle the questions soon. <3 Thanks again!

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