Redwoods & Mushrooms

One of the best things about living in a more rural area (particularly Alpine areas) is that there are so many nearby magical places to explore. Eighty or so years ago, someone planted around 1,000 redwoods on the edge of the State forest. Though they are technically still young, they are still very tall (up to 55m); however, that’s only half the height that a typical Mountain Ash (an enormous species of eucalyptus) can grow to in this area! We’d also been really needing an escape (from work, politics, computers, everything!) and some quality time together, and it turned out to be the perfect place to recharge.


It’s also a great season for examining all manner of funguses:


lichen amy

Trying out a “dark mori” style


mushroom2 amy2

Reading a letter that had just arrived from my Swedish penpal


canopy structure

The beautiful canopy, and an odd sort of bivouac/structure that someone had erected with the fallen branches


Where the plantation meets the native scrub

amy3 flyagaric


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    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thanks, dear!
      It had literally just arrived as we were getting ready to go out, so I thought I’d save it to read in peace, and found a fallen tree to sit on (the rest of the place was damp). 😛

      I *loved* the stamp too, ahh!

      • Good timing!
        I really liked the stamp as well! I have four more in the same style, so you can look forward to that. 😉

  1. Why haven’t I seen your blog before?! I am in love! 😀 I also thought there were something familar with your pretty face, and then I realised it was you, Amy, the friend of my friend Branna Laurelin ^_^

    I didn’t know you had such a beautiful blog too, and I am so happy to find a new blog to follow 😀

    ~ Love and light from a Kama Sofie Gaiadóttir, a fairy of the Norwegian woods ~

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you so much, lovely! I’ve seen your pictures too and your instagram! I can’t remember if I’ve been to your blog but now I know it exists! 😀 Very pleased to meet you ^__^

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