Nymphing in Claret & Burgundy

I’m quite excited to share this set today! Our pleasant forest meanderings turned into an impromptu opportunity to capture some pre-Raphaelite-inspired compositions in the wintry late-afternoon light.

The other girl is my beautiful niece, who was spending her first break from arts school with us — we managed to invent quite a few adventures, from blanket fort building (complete with fairy lights) and mushroom-hunting, to concocting home-made facial treatments from things in the garden and cupboards!


IMG_9631 IMG_9663


I’m wearing a dress by Dear Li and Shani is wearing a very early piece by Vanyanis


IMG_9579 IMG_9616


IMG_9618 IMG_9614


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  1. This is far the best photoshoot I have seen on a blog in a lon time.
    You really captured the Pre-Raphaelite essence.
    Cngratulations for your beautiful work!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Oh, that is high praise indeed! Thank you. 🙂 My partner takes the photos and puts up with my bossiness, so I will show him your feedback. <3

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thanks so much! <3 I wish I had a flatter chest for that dress though, it stretches awkwardly and I look so friggen boob-y in it. 😛 I’m not sure if you can buy the blue one any more, either!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you, dearest ^_^ I am so happy that they are getting a warm reception and so proud of Adam for his camera work.

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you, dear Venea! We were surprised and delighted with the results. <3

  2. Wow, I’ve just discovered your blog from your personal Tumblr and you are absolutely breathtaking, your niece too! I am very much in love with your blog and your hair *0*

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thanks a lot, Laura! I’m so flattered *blush*, and chuffed that you made it here!

  3. Hey! Just wanted to leave a comment as I’m passing through.

    I want to say that your blog, from what I grasped of the front page, is breathtaking. I love the photos, the fashion (classic lolita~ y’all wear it beautifully!), and that recipe a little ways down looks absolutely delicious. I honestly feel tempted to try it. And, Maker, is that your hair? It’s… It’s unreal! Supremely amazing and beautiful.

    You have yourself an amazing blog, and I was just passing by but I think I might actually stick around and take in a bit more of it!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      What a lovely comment! ^_^ I’m so happy when I get feedback, it reminds me that there is actually an audience (however small) for my little writings and projects and outfits, and it makes me feel encouraged. <3 So thank you, and you’re always welcome!

  4. Ian Michelow Reply

    Very beautiful set! I like the colors, they combine in a nice way ^^

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