Mossy Myrtles

Before the real chill of late Autumn set in, Adam and I took a scenic local drive (and really, how lucky am I that I can call this local?) through the mountains, specifically to capture a section of the forest which is made up of myrtle beech trees. There’s a large thicket of these beautiful old Fangorn-esque things, all covered in beardy moss and lichen. It’s such a tranquil, quiet place, disturbed only by the occasional car or lyrebird’s song.


IMG_5086 IMG_5110



IMG_5100 IMG_5102


After this section we moved much further down the mountain and took a steep-ish walk through an even eerier grove, this time made up of what I think is a type of paperbark tree.


IMG_5123 IMG_5120


~ Namárië ~


  1. Captivating, enchantingly gorgeous woods – their verdant hues reminded me instantly of the old growth Pacific Northwest forests (of BC) that I was fortunate enough to spend time playing in as a small child, as there was a patch of it still amongst the modern sprawl on the street that my paternal grandparents lived on at the time.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thanks so much!! 😮 And that is *exactly* where I would like to visit (BC/Washington/Alaska sort of area) eventually for the very purpose of getting lost in more giant forests, especially ones that get snow – and ones without gum trees! <3

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