Alowyn – Spring

We recently revisited this quaint garden (also captured in Autumn), fascinated by the seasonal changes in their Japanese wisteria tunnel, which I think is something of a rarity here. This beautiful soft curtain of fragrant flowers has a rather calming effect as the warm sunlight filters through or the occasional breeze causes a little shower of petals.

Unfortunately for the camera (but not for me, because I enjoyed soaking up some Vitamin D!) it was cloudless and sunny, but I think it’s easy to get an idea of how pretty a place this is in every season. If you live around Melbourne, Alowyn is a must-see and perfect for a day trip.



A window into another in-progress section of the garden.


As we were leaving, a radio actually began blaring “Gangnam Style”, and I found a display of ornamental gourds and such.

This is “part one” of the garden photos, because I have another set featuring the outfit I chose that day. 🙂


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      Amy Reply

      Thanks Joanie! 😀 Was it your first visit? I’m tempted to go back again soon too…

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