Nightwish 2013

Ahhhhhh! I got to see Nightwish (my favourite symphonic metal band) for the third time! My first concert was in 2005 while Tarja was still the frontwoman, then again in 2008 with Anette. While the ’08 concert was a lot bigger, not everyone appreciated Anette – for me there was no comparison, and it wasn’t until I saw Floor Jansen (their stand-in for the rest of this tour and hopefully beyond) live that I was able to appreciate and enjoy material from the last two albums. I remember her a little from After Forever – her presence really seemed to help Nightwish come alive again.

I managed to get to the barrier and just screamed my lungs out in the mosh pit the whole time. 😛 I was SO happy (like, nearly crying with happiness level of happy :D) because half the set was older stuff. My friends and I had a smashing time, and luckily got to go backstage for a little while. We chatted to Marco, Tero, Troy, and Floor. I was too exhausted to attend the next evening but my friends went backstage again and spent a few hours hanging out with them at a sort of afterparty. 😛

Me, Marco <3, Lowana (who introduced me to Nightwish back in the day), and Talie

With Floor <3 (she is really tall)

With Troy Donockley (uillean pipes etc.) and Marco

Photos above by Anwar Rizk ©

floorstage marcostage

The old camera I brought only had about 10mb left on its memory card so I hardly got any pictures!


Lowana nabbed the setlists for both nights. 😀 I couldn’t pick a favourite but it was just epic to get Ghost Love Score.

I wore my new dress from “Miss Point” in a gothic coord. My original background of green corrugated iron wasn’t very inspiring so I replaced it – I know it looks a bit average but it’ll have to do. 😛


nw9 nw7

nw3 nw1


nw10 nw4

nw5 nw8


  1. I didn’t know Nightwish had a new singer. I kind of lost track of them when Anette joined. Not that I avidly follow what bands are up to to begin with, I practically live under a rock in that regard.
    Are there any studio tracks with Floor, or was it just for the tour?

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Yeah, they took on Floor after Anette left mid-tour. I was starting to lose interest after Tarja left too. :/ There are no recorded tracks yet that I know of, but they’re sort of giving her a trial for a year or so – I hope they keep her! She has a much less “poppy” voice but I think she can pull off both the “newer” and the older bombastic sound. This is a pretty good version of Ghost Love Score from a recent concert:

      • Wow, I was expecting her to sound the way she does in After Forever, but apparently their material just didn’t do her justice. She’s so much more amazing at singing the Nightwish songs.

        • Amy
          Amy Reply

          I agree! She sounded better live than any of the recordings too, I was so relieved! :O

  2. jose nighwish con floor jansen es y sera un super grupo mejor que con tarja

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