Music Monday – Ralph Vaughan Williams

To get in the swing of more regular posting I’m going to try and invent some weekly themes. Photo-heavy posts are visually engaging for those who like a quick scroll through, but there is definitely more to my life than dressing up, and music is one of those things. So I’m opening with “Music Mondays”, where I will feature an artist, composer or theme that has appealed to me, whether recently-discovered or an old favourite. Hopefully this provides an interesting introduction to new music for some of you, as well as an opportunity to share some of the pieces I love.

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Ralph Vaughan Williams

With strong folk influences, Vaughan Williams’ thematic works instantly touched me, before the various videos and performances ever helped expand upon the imagery that came to me – while often melancholic, they conjure up pastoral scenes, frosty mornings, the endless cycle of life and death… and there is an ancient quality in these works due to the influence of English Renaissance composers. While unequivocally English, to me the following gems (picked for their calming and enriching quality) still transcend time, culture and class:


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