Music Monday – Andreas Scholl

This week’s Music Monday is a little more special because today I got to see the artist in question perform! 🙂

Andreas Scholl is a German countertenor, and a bit of a superstar in the classical music world. A countertenor is someone who can reach a higher range than a tenor, and can sound very much like a contralto (or mezzo-soprano). I have a bit of a thing for male countertenors and female contraltos/mezzos – I think because of the role reversal factor and the warmth they can often produce. Anyway, I think Scholl is wonderful, and he doesn’t seem to produce the slight nasal sound that I can’t help but hear in Philippe Jaroussky (who is really more of a soprano, but equally awesome).


For the concert I wanted to wear something elegant with a hint of cute, and thought something with baroque musical motifs was appropriate, so I settled on the Philharmonie Angel JSK. I also set my hair in rags to curl it, and was delighted to find that only a few hours tied up (and hardly any product) would ensure some rather nice curls! My previous attempts have not been as nice, but having had second thoughts about the burden of my hair lately, this has provided me with inspiration to do it more often.

greenjacket1 greenjacket2

greenjacket4 greenjacket3

Dress: Innocent World | Jacket: Valley Girl | Tights: Forever New | Shoes: Kumfs | Choker: Vanyanis


I really enjoyed the performance, and I love the Australian Chamber Orchestra! I enjoyed having a good front row seat (under 30s get a great discount here), the fact that I could walk away thinking “wow, I’m really glad I was here tonight”, and also that it was the type of evening I wished wouldn’t come to an end. I have been in a bit of a rut for a while so this was important…

The programme went as follows:

Vivaldi – Concerto Grosso, RV117
Schnittke – String Quartet No.3
Pärt – Da Pacem Domine
Pärt – Es sang von langen Jahren
Pärt – Wallfahrtslied
Bach – The Art of Fugue; Contrapunctus 1-4
Pärt – Vater unser
Vivaldi – Stabat Matera
Händel – Ombra mai fu


(the worst quality pic goes at the bottom 😉 )


  1. Cerberusia Reply

    Andreas Scholl! I adore the countertenor voice and his in particular, so I’m mad jealous that you got to see him in person. That outfit’s just the thing for wearing to a classical concert, and your hair looks absolutely lovely. You don’t seem to have a ‘hair’ tag, so I’ll ask here – do you have any hair care posts, or if not, would you consider making one? Your hair always looks to be in such beautiful condition!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thanks so much! When tickets became available months and months ago I knew it was something I couldn’t pass up and was not disappointed!

      I don’t have a hair tag because, well, I haven’t made any posts that are only hair-related yet, and haven’t been asked until now either. 🙂 I don’t think I know enough about styling my own hair (or hair biology?) to make any expert posts!

      But my hair care tips are quite simple: try not to use heat or too much product, take gentle care of hair while brushing & detangling, air/towel dry after washing, and in the case of very dry hair (like mine), treat with good conditioners and natural oils more regularly. In this case my hair looks quite healthy above because I have kept it in quite good condition, but before I curled the hair I put a little bit of leave-in conditioner and some coconut oil along the lengths. I was also born with quite thick hair, a blessing and a curse!
      To get long hair, the simplest answer is: don’t cut it. A tiny trim once a year should be fine. Diet and general nutrition will affect the hair’s health. And as time goes by you can wash it less (the scalp’s oil production will balance out), which saves money and time.

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