Misty Cottage: Autumn 2016

Oops! Have become super inactive since going back to study this year, and working in my piano studio nearly every day of the week! Because of this, I’ve been too overwhelmed to do much dressing up or even socializing – but I have a few posts queued up with pretty snaps from the last few months, starting with an Autumn photo dump! I hope the post title isn’t too misleading, since only around half the photos were actually taken at our cottage… 😛

Anyway, I organised my music room in the way I’ve dreamed of:


Set up the harpsichord… and bought my own large Celtic harp!!!

IMG_7547 IMG_6529

Attended a concert by Latitude 37 and admired the French harpsichord:


Threw the cat in autumn leaves:

IMG_6280 IMG_6281

Picnicked in the Redwood Forest:


IMG_6316 IMG_7458

Found cute things growing…

IMG_6375 IMG_7379

… and a fairy circle made of fly agarics:


And hosted a little tea party:

IMG_7374 IMG_7375


Thanks for viewing!


  1. These pictures looks so dreamy, your home looks so cozy! I wish I had the patience to learn so many instruments, but nah, I’m just a half decent drummer, haha. What are you studying/what have you studied? What do you want to work as/with and such? I’m just generally curious 🙂

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      So sorry this has gone unanswered so long!

      Truth is I am only (so far) any good at playing the piano, and the other things are a work in progress! But one can’t progress without having the actual instrument, so I feel no shame in showing them off a little – they’re beautiful!

      I’ve gone back to get a proper music degree and get into all the nitty-gritty of music theory and history, and other applicable skills, though in the past I made or managed websites for people. That occupation didn’t make me happy and is such a constantly-evolving industry, so I tried to conjure up some confidence and managed to combine what I love (music and telling people what to do, hehe) into a career. So, piano teaching has been the right decision entirely. The degree will help that (though I already teach 20 or so private students a week) but will allow me to teach up to a higher level, and to better tackle some of my other ambitions.

      Thanks for the questions!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a magical world you live in! Your music room is divine! And tea parties are always a must! 😉 Darling photos!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you, Erika! Everything I’d dreamed of is starting to come together – there are perks to being a grown-up after all! 😉

  3. Interesting to see those fly agarics and other toadstools.

    Full of music and I shall miss you Amy.

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