Lolita Picnic & Imogen Heap

Over two dozen Melbourne lolitas frocked up for a lovely Easter-themed picnic this year. I wanted a chance to wear my new Innocent World dress, and the picnic was just what I needed to cheer up a bit! This eczema flare-up has me thoroughly depressed and self-conscious. It seems that as soon as one patch starts to heal, half a dozen more pop up! I think I’ve had about 7 doctor visits but none have been very helpful so I’m off to my naturopath tonight for adjustment – she also listens to me, explains clinically what’s going on, and doesn’t just hand over a prescription. I have taken all the usual suggestions and followed every doctor’s instruction but I am still frustrated, disfigured, and losing sleep. But last Sunday provided a brief reprieve from pyjamas and MMO-escapism, and I’m really glad I went. Everyone was lovely, the sun was out for most of the pretty Autumn day, and it was fun. I didn’t take any photos but others more confident and talented behind the lens did, so I’ve shared a few and hope they don’t mind! I think all photos are from Kavya’s camera unless otherwise stated.

Adam and I (taken my Mei)



Bunnies! Pamela & Kimberley looking adorable above


My favourite picture ^__^


Kavya, Marie from ODIP, and me in our pretty florals


Our suave aristocrat boys
Photo by Alice

The whole beautiful group
Photo by Mei


The next evening 7 of my friends and I went to Melbourne’s beautiful Palais theatre to see Imogen Heap as she returned to Australia as part of her Ellipse tour. I’m sure I’m hitting close to the mark when I say we are all enamoured of her transporting soundscapes and ingenious layering. She’s very charismatic to watch, communicates a lot, and we end up feeling more like part of the whole show than just audience members. After taking votes in an online poll designed to see what fans actually wanted to hear most, the repertoire went as follows:

The Walk
Goodnight And Go
Speeding Cars
Between Sheets
Wait It Out
Lifeline (new song)
Let Go
Just For Now
Half Life
First Train Home
Little Bird
The Moment I Said It
Hide and Seek

These photos are from Lowana, because I didn’t take any!


Imogen is 6′ tall and wore slinky, sparkly black clothing…

L-R: Lowana(not pictured), Talie, me, Adam, Mitch, Kimmy, Alice, & Alex – all great friends and really close to the stage this time! We look a bit blank but are actually just very immersed in the music.

Imogen pulls out the keytar (now working) for an animated solo in “Tidal”, her final piece for the night.

A bit of unstable pitch (perhaps the sacrifice to be made for her signature breathy quality) and an audio hitch that lasted about fifteen minutes might be the only things that could bother someone about the Melbourne concert, but Imogen’s raw vocals and openness are beautiful, entertaining, and it’s easy to fall in love with her. Her Melbourne show last year left me very emotional for about half an hour afterwards, mostly because I had to leave a little before the end of the show to get a lift home, so being able to see out the whole night this time was satisfying.

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