Eluveitie 2013

A week ago I was lucky enough to see Eluveitie (I say ell-vay-tee), a Swiss metal band with a special spot in my heart (awww). I heard their first album (Spirit) nearly six years ago and was quite instantly transported by the ancient quality behind the death growls.

I also took some really average pictures!


Copyright Anwar Rizk

© Anwar Rizk. Lowana and I are on the far right at the front!


I don’t think I have yet been to a metal gig without my bestie. 😀 Do you agree that we could pass as sisters?


anna chrigel

Anna on hurdy-gurdy, and Chrigel.


Patrick, tin whistle.

For anyone as yet unintroduced…

And my old favourite!

I don’t claim to be a massively devoted fan (I tend to go long periods without listening to any sort of music at all), but I also recommend Home, A Rose for Epona, A Somber Lay, and Hope. Basically, Eluveitie make for part a f!@#ing epic playlist for when you’re playing stuff like Skyrim, Mount & Blade, heck, even Age of Empires…

patrick2 mirror

Patrick on bagpipes, and me once home in my ‘Lord of the Nazgûl’ inspired getup.

better picture of my comfortable-yet-slightly-glittery headbanging outfit. I had planned to wear a corset but opted for a rather modest top instead, over a tutu and BM tights.


I also dug out my Ring of Barahir which, though not Ringwraith-associated, matched perfectly!


To finish up, I was excited to acquire a few things this week — the flag was from the concert, the wig is something that’s been on my wishlist for ages (it’s sooo nice, I can’t wait to try it and hope it suits me :P), and Lowana gave me a print of Morgana (our favourite model), yay!



  1. Their music is to die for! I’d never heard of them before I saw them opening at the last Sabaton concert I went to, and honestly enjoyed them more than Sabaton itself. Your outfit looks amazing– those tights are incredible!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Eee, thank you. :O
      I saw Sabaton last year as a support band (though they’re not my cup of tea), but am still chuffed that Eluveitie has become “big” enough to tour in Australia. We just had Epica and Apocalyptica not long ago, and are about to get Kamelot too. Alas, I couldn’t make it to any of them (my body doesn’t like standing gigs much) but I managed to get out of this one with very little exhaustion and only a slightly stiff neck. 😛

  2. Nawwww I only just saw this now 😀 I don’t know how I missed this post but I love it. And yes, we could totally pass as sisters <3

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