Autumn Summary

I feel like a summary (in pictures) of the last few months is in order.


My eldest niece turned 20 and had a pie-themed party! Each of us brought a different type of pie to be judged and eaten. I am not much of a baker or very good with sweets so I went with a sort of vegetable pie/quiche, perhaps the only savoury dish that day!

^ Before and after. However, before this delectable lunch was a pie fight of disgusting proportions.

I could not be convinced to have custard rubbed in my face and hair but happily watched (from a safe distance).


I started the fifth A Song of Ice and Fire book. I was hoping to drag the experience out for longer but quickly became too insatiable for Game of Thrones. There have been some really stand-out scenes and episodes in season two, but I don’t think the pacing has been consistent. At times I have been disappointed in book deviations where a character’s motivation has been ignored or simplified (I think that’s different to just being a purist :P), which I think confuses the non-readers too.

The other photo is a quick snap after the lolita Easter picnic.


We visited two gardens (posts upcoming)…


…Alowyn was particularly sweet.



My sister and I baked Adam a berry cheesecake for his birthday. We held a supper for close friends and family.

I finally snipped a fringe into the lavender wig and tried a new look for taking my grandmother out. 😛


On Mother’s Day, the day before my mother’s serious dental surgery, we cooked up a tasty meal and the trusty lemon syrup cake, something to enjoy before she had to endure a week of purée and pain. She also gave me some china!


OH. Then this arrived. I literally ran around the house shouting and carrying on for a few minutes before I could collect myself enough to open it.


My three (ssshh, I know… :S) Mary Magdalene dresses ARE MINE at last. They are beautiful, they fit…


… they’re also still creased because I’m afraid my iron will make them dirty. 😛


Then Adam’s cousin GAVE us his Alduin statue, and DIABLO III was released. I picked up my collector’s edition and a mousepad, and Adam grabbed the Book of Cain. I completed it co-op on normal difficulty within the week and will make a screenshot post about it soon.

I put away lots of mess.


A meet was held for our good pal Jorge’s birthday!


I paired a damask corset and velvet  fishtail skirt. It was nice to get back into black.


The day after Jorge’s ‘do I had to play at a little piano recital. Then I met friends at a Japanese festival but, because of a terrible morning, felt too grumpy to … be fun. I liked the red wig too, but stuffing so much hair up into it makes it look a bit of a helmet, so I might not try that again.

I also cleaned our computer space, dusted out all the computers and fans, and set up a shelf behind them to start displaying things that deserved to be displayed.


  1. Mandragola Reply

    Just wanted to tell you that I love your blog 🙂 and that in your last blog post there’s a typo, you forgot a n in innamorato. Sorry, I am Italian and couldn’t help but noticing. Keep up the great posts, you are gorgeous and I love your writing style and your tumblr as well <3

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Oh, wow, thank you!
      In English I use inamorato and inamorata, but I guess it would be more accurate to use the Italian spelling – thanks. 😛 I am pretty thrilled that my blog is even being looked at now – it took a while to establish but I’m pretty happy with it now.
      What’s your tumblr name?

      • Mandragola Reply

        Your blog is definitely one of my favs! I follow you already on tumblr, I have a fashion blog, 😉

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