Hair: Snowdrops of Spring

I’ve got a lot of posts lined up – today I’m just sharing a small photo set of hair pics!



A sparkle through the darkling trees,
a piercing glint of light he sees,
and there she dances all alone
upon a treeless knoll of stone!
Her mantle blue with jewels white
caught all the rays of frosted light.
She shone with cold and wintry flame,
as dancing down the hill she came,
and passed his watchful silent gaze,
a glimmer as of stars ablaze.
And snowdrops sprang beneath her feet,
and one bird, sudden, late and sweet,
shrilled as she wayward passed along.

~ from The Lay of Leithien, J.R.R. Tolkien


Aaaaand being interrupted by my baby:



We also took some pics in the full sunshine – it’s good to be able to compare length over time. I’m a little bit unnerved by it these days, to be honest, but I think I can bear to maintain it for a bit yet. 😉


IMG_6424-sml IMG_6421-sml


I began growing my hair out around the height of my Lord of the Rings obsession 13 or so years ago, wanting to look as much as possible like Arwen! One of my main hair inspirations these days however, is the character of Lúthien from The Silmarillion who, in one part of the story, was able to magically grow her hair very long and weave it into a sort of cloak, imbued with the power to make things sleep. In true Rapunzel style, she also used it to create a rope to escape from her prison. If I only had a slightly more “Elvish” height and build (and looks!), I’d love to create a Lúthien costume!

Lúthien, by Ted Nasmith

Art by Ted Nasmith

What’s the longest you’ve ever grown your hair?


  1. Oh my goodness, how lovely! It looks so healthy and full. I love that you were inspired by Arwen! 🙂 I’ve been able to grow my hair to my lower back, above my hips. It definitely takes a lot of work and time, which makes me a little irritable. lol I probably won’t have it that long for much longer, though.

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Aww, thanks for your lovely comment.
      Even when hair is just past shoulder-length many people get fed up, so I completely understand! I guess it fits in with my lifestyle otherwise it would be just about impossible. Yours sounds lovely!

  2. I have heard that most people are not able to grow that long hair at all, it just doesn’t grow that long for most of us. So I think you really got something unique and fabulous here. Most of my life I’ve had short boyish hairdo. Even as a little girl I hated long hair. It was hard to manage, difficult to wash and it always got tangled. Longest hair I ever had was on fifth or sixth grade, down to my shoulder blades. After that it’s always been pretty short, even the shaven army style. Now I have shoulder length and I’m considering to cut a bob. But we’ll see. I salute you to your effort on the long hair, it’s something I could never do.

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      I have had a few people tell me that their hair always breaks at a certain point (terminal length), so you may be quite right! I also had short pixie-ish hair for quite a few years in my teens but didn’t really like it (though it was long as a little girl). I sort of envy people that try all different things, but couldn’t do that without making quite a sacrifice! Thanks for sharing!

  3. allvidzhaze Reply

    Great photos and great long and uniformly thick hair! I am glad it has now grown to almost ankle length. I think if you grow your hair to or past floor length, I think you can completely or almost completely conceal your body from the camera with your beautiful hair!

      • allvidzhaze Reply

        I think from looking at the photos, if your hair continues to grow at an average rate or faster, you might be able to cloak yourself completely with your beautiful hair from head to toe in less than two years and possibly within one year.

  4. Your hair is so beautiful, and it has been for as long as I’ve known you, but it’s been amazing to see it grow and grow. Do you wear your hair out often? My hair is a couple inches below my shoulders now and it gets tangled everywhere when I have it out for long periods, so I imagine it would be worse for you! I think the longest I have had mine is maybe mid-back. My hair is currently the longest its been in around 10 years I think!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Awww, you are just lovely! I’ve watched your constant hair adventures too, I’m envious of some of the vibrant colours that I don’t have the heart to dye (because it would destroy my hair :P).

  5. You are sooo beautiful and your hair is stunning! You definitely look elvish enough for a Lùthien cosplay 🙂

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you, treasured elf-friend! Perhaps I should work towards a properly-themed photo shoot (and costume). Need to get a bit fitter first though!

  6. Your hair is so beautiful <3 My hair goes past my bottom, kind of the middle of my thigh, and when I look at your pictures I feel like I've got short hair 😀 Yours is so gorgeous! I wonder if your lovely waves are natural, because I can't really imagine you could put them in manually…

  7. Kevin Roberts Reply

    Women with long hair are are much prettier to me, but you have set the mark that all others will never live up to. You are Amazingly Beautiful.

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      I don’t think that really counts as a compliment – women of all types and hair lengths are beautiful – but thank you.

  8. This set of pictures is amazing! Very beautiful. Pure elegance and charm of both shiny long hair and elegant costumes in contact with Nature. I like it a lot! ^^

  9. Your hair is grea! Every treatment that they need worth the time effort. Very nice photos of you wearing the wonderful long black dress. You have classic beauty! Costas

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