Meeting George R. R. Martin

Last month I got to meet George R.R. Martin and Michelle Fairley at a sold-out event. 😀 It was held at The Wheeler Centre as a sort of panel where the guests were interviewed by the host, with a Q & A session at the end. I arrived a few hours early so was first in the queue, which meant I could nab a front row seat. I had my friend Liza to thank really, because she posted about the event opening up again (after selling out) to offer a few more tickets. You can actually watch the entire footage of the show here!


Queens of the Seven Kingdoms

Pics below courtesy of Liza <3





It was really well organised, nobody was to miss out on a signing opportunity. I took up a map poster to be signed!

grrm5 grrm4

My post title is somewhat misleading because I didn’t really speak to George, but when I got to Michelle she sat back and said I looked beautiful. I asked her to sign next to Winterfell. 😛 I’m sorry this post isn’t more wordy – so much has been happening this non-stop month that my brain isn’t working at the moment and I’ve been too busy!

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  1. this is awesome! i love meetings with favourite authors! when Neil Gaiman was here in Poland, he only said “hi” while signing my books, but the whole meeting and interview was really inspiring!

    dreamy weirdoland –

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