Harry Potter, Hubwarts & Supanova

We are nearing the end of a journey that’s been over a decade long for many fans. With part two of the final film being released in less than three months, some of us are clinging to the hope there will still be other Potter-related events to look forward to! There will eventually be an enclyclopedia, perhaps a visit to the Wizarding World theme park for some, and there are bound to be a few more conventions.  But this post won’t be filled with post-Potter separation anxiety or some soppy story about how much Harry has impacted my life (there isn’t one – I can’t explain the obsession beyond claiming this saga to be pure manna for a complete escapist).

I’ve done the typical nerdy things like produce terrible “fanfiction” and “fanart”, hold annual Potter-themed parties, dress up for every release of a book or film, and trawl websites for the last 11 years. But the usual outlet takes the form of collecting anything and everything to do with the obsession. I don’t know why I feel the need to have everything and hoard it, because it’s certainly not about resale value… mostly it’s the fear that somehow I’ll be missing out if I don’t have it, and the competitive streak in me justifies the expense somehow. It’s all still quite important to me and I wouldn’t dream of parting with any of it, but unlike the bulk of my Tolkien collection, most of the Potter items can’t be read over and over, only displayed or stored once gathering too much dust. So this is just a post of a few before and after-type photos, including my collection, a few dress-ups, and some recent conventions where I was lucky enough to have briefly met five actors from the films.


My ridiculous (and excellent) bedroom

Hermione impressions

Order of the Phoenix is released

My sister suffers the effects of a potent Butterbeer brew

The shrine is growing

Hauling everything outside for a bit of scope


Showing true colours

Entry to Dear Mr. Potter, a book full of letters and photos from fans which is in progress

The collection, as of late last year

Stan Ianevski (Krum) and Natalia Tena (Tonks) at Hubwarts

James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George) at Hubwarts

Photos with each of them

A photo with Tom Felton (Draco) at Supanova

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