100th Post Giveaway! M.A.D Hatter Clothing

Entries now closed!

Entries were judged on a points-scoring basis which took into account things like originality, colour use, accessories, headwear and hairstyle, and background inspiration. After very careful (and difficult) deliberation, I’d like to congratulate Janna on winning. 🙂

I wish I could have awarded every entry, but I enjoyed reading your thoughtful coordinate ideas – I hope you’re able to put those looks together in future! And if you didn’t win but still want one of these skirts, there’s still one left here!

Because I’ve already forgotten two “birthdays” of Aletheia Nocturne, I decided I’d do something special for the 100th post instead. 🙂 It’s crept up on me now, but to celebrate (and I guess I’m celebrating my own dedication or something, but also that of those few loyal readers who have been here since the start!) I am doing my first giveaway! There WILL BE MORE in future, but I’m starting with something special. 🙂

mintromantic4 mintromantic3

Magdalen in her skirt

M.A.D Hatter Clothing – Mint Romantic Skirt (RRP $65)

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This pretty skirt from Marzy at M.A.D Hatter Clothing is sure to bring a touch of  sweet charm to an outfit! It’s new and unworn and made of 100% cotton.

The skirt includes waist ties (detachable) and 2 brooch bows which can be attached anywhere you like, or perhaps to use as an accessory! It features a print of young ladies in pastoral pastimes on a mint-and-white striped background.

The waist measurement would fit a 24-26″ waist most comfortably but would fit a few inches either side of that too, as the back is elasticated. It can be worn with a cupcake (or bell-shaped) petticoat for a lolita-appropriate silhouette (above left), or can be worn with a less voluminous one (above right), or even none for a more elegant vintage look. The skirt length is 23″.

I have a skirt from M.A.D which I posted about here. I love how Marzy often picks fabrics and prints with friends in mind, and how they lend themselves to creating  quite a unique coordinate! Marzy also does all sorts of custom clothing and accessories.



The competition is open to anyone from any country, but to be eligible to win, you just need to post a comment below answering the following question:

How would you describe the dream outfit you’d pair this skirt with?

Entry closes midday (12pm AEDST)on March 12, 2013

*Winner must provide a valid email (don’t worry, it’s only visible to me) as means of contact in the comments form, and must provide a shipping address if drawn as the winner. If no response is made within one week, the item will be forfeit and awarded to another participant. For more terms, please keep reading:

  1. This Aletheia Nocturne 100th Post giveaway is hosted by Amy, the webmaster.
  2. Item value is AU$65.
  3. You don’t have to follow this blog or share the competition on any platform to win, but you must comment on this post with a response that answers the question “How would you describe the dream outfit you’d pair this skirt with?”.
  4. Only one entry may be made per person. IPs are logged.
  5. Comments that don’t follow the entry rules will not be eligible to win, and may be removed.
  6. The winner will be judged on merit and creativity, and chance will not play a factor. The decision will be final.
  7. Winner will be notified by email on (or before) March 15. The competition entry post will be updated to include the winner’s first name or alias. The winner’s personal contact information will never be released to any other party.
  8. I cannot accept any responsibility for lost or damaged parcels. Please take this into account if you are entering from a country whose customs office may withhold the type of goods featured in the competition.


  1. This skirt is gorgeous, I would wear it with a white round collared cutsew, a matching green bolero or cardigan and white velour tight; then I’ll try to recall the pink in the print with a flower headband, pink shoes and purse (a purse with fabric flowers that match with the headband would be great!)

  2. Wow, gosh, what a pretty skirt! I think I would have to go for:

    ♥ a vintage high-necked/pussy-bow, long-sleeved chiffon blouse in a rose pink colour– I love chiffon! I think warm rose pink, rather than a colder pastel pink, would be an interesting pair with this print, as it would give the outfit a fresh and springy look instead of a matchy-matchy, more traditionally Lolita look.

    ♥ a delicate white lace shawl draped around the shoulders for those chilly spring evenings, fastened with a pretty brooch with a mint stone.

    ♥ white sheer ankle socks. I would obtain or dye some lace to match the blouse and sew it onto the tops of the socks as a ruffle, with mint side bows, and maybe I’d add some embroidery flowers in rose and mint green to the socks too.

    ♥ T-bar shoes with a low heel or wedge, in mint leather (thank goodness for Taobao and extensive colour charts). Alternatively, Innocent World’s T-strap shoes in pink.

    ♥ lots of jewellery for a decadent feel! I would keep it all very delicate so as not to overwhelm the outfit, though. A thin gold wrist chain, perhaps with some pretty shoe or dress charms to recall the outfits of the pretty ladies in the print; little drop-earrings in the shape of forget-me-nots to hint at the small amount of blue on the skirt; and my grandmother left me a beautiful vintage necklace which I know would go perfectly– pale green and pink enamel flowers on a gold background, with teeny-tiny little blue crystals in the middle of the flowers.

    ♥ to top it all off, something fancy for headwear! Either a soft white half-bonnet with roses and one of the skirt bows pinned to the brim, or a boater hat with the same, plus white lace around its brim, or for very fancy occasions, a garland of silk roses!

    A lot of this coordinate is not really traditionally Lolita! To keep the Lolita feel, I would wear this with a medium-large petticoat, with very “Lolita” makeup (fresh, youthful, lots of emphasis on big eyes), a traditional Lolita bag (maybe a heart-shaped white one, or a rectangular one for a more mature look!) and a shoulder-length blonde wig, with combed-out ringlets for a fluffier and less structured look to match all the floaty elements of the outfit.

    Congratulations on 100 posts! I’ve loved your blog for a long time, although unfortunately I’m the world’s worst blog stalker! xD I’ll try to remember to comment in future, to show my appreciation for your lovely posts (and as a fellow Tolkien fan!).

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Such a lovely skirt!<3

    I would wear this skirt with some darker pink, to bring back the girl's dress in the print, probably a white top paired with a darker pink bolero. I would wear a Rococo-style necklace with a ribbon in darker pink and a little mint gemstone to match. For my legs, I would choose white lace tights and I would wear some nice American Duchess shoes on my feet, dyed in darker pink. For headwear, I would probably go for a feather headpiece in Marie-Antoinette style paired with flowers. I would wear it with a huge petticoat of doom and Marie Antoinette hair with delicate curls and some natural make-up with rosy cheeks!

    Congratulations on 100 posts and thank you for this opportunity!<3

  4. My word, this is a lovely skirt! Especially since I admire everything that brings in more of a historical feeling to a Lolita coordinate. This is why I would wear pieces alluding to the 19th century, the romantic era.
    Downwards, I’d choose to wear faintly dotted lace tights, to accompany the motive of the waistband and –ties. The shoes are heels, laced up so they be closed at the ankle and pink as the dresses of the pictured young ladies. A crème-white colored, high-necked blouse with a necktie, beneath which is sitting a beautiful cameo brooch with rose ornaments, befitting the pink details of the skirt. Around the upper body a fringed stole, delicately embroidered with little mint-green leaves on ivory ground, is draped.
    To top it off, a carefully decorated bonnet will sit on the braided hair, done in Victorian fashion. The bonnet would be out of straw, but adorned with a crème-white antique lace trim inside the rim, and outside an arrange of foliage and flowers, roses in various shades of dusty rose and pastel pink. Under the chin it is to be tied with silken ribbons of mint green.

    Thank you, and congratulations again! Keep up your lovely work <3

  5. This is so beautiful!
    My outfit to go with this skirt would include:
    – An auburn soft curls or wavy wig with a forehead fringe.
    – A light pink and white floral hair piece
    – a chiffon blouse, similar to those found on bobon21
    – lace cuffed mini socks
    – tan, high heel oxford shoes.
    I would want it to feel very feminine and natural 🙂

    congratulations on your 100th post 🙂

  6. I would have a dark green blouse, with long cuffed sleaves. There would be no head bow, rather a band with falling leaves, roses and rosettes. The wig is ash blonde: simple, classic and wavy. A brown satchel would attend my arm, and my legs with be sported muted sage otks with the occasional leaf and rose. I would be wearing worn lace up boots with a chisel heel.


  7. I would wear this skirt with a white blouse made entirely of tatted lace with a matching head band with some pretty light green ballet flat shoes made with vintage fabric 🙂

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