March – Sweet Beginnings

March has been quite a busy month!  It started with our anniversary, but we both caught whatever bug has been going around lately so it was a low-key affair.


Enjoyed a tasty lunch of homemade hash browns…


… and took a short wander around some lotus gardens. We felt it was too expensive (and hot) to venture much further though.



Large lilypads!


Our gift to one another was a copy each of the Q & A – 5-Year Journal“. We read this review of it and couldn’t resist!


You can start at any time of any year, and each page/question is designed to be answered in a sentence or short paragraph, which is quite manageable to do just before bed.

The next day I had a historical-themed photo shoot with my dear friend Julija. Proper photos will come another time, for now I just have some Instagrams. 😛

shoes mirror amy

For the occasion, I added some simple decoration to some op shop shoes I’d never worn (but bought ages ago for with this purpose in mind), and wore my Vanyanis robe à la française. I had a bit of fun attempting to do the dressing, pinning, makeup and hair on my own for the first time, and then driving around in it all, but from what I have seen so far, Julija captured some lovely moments.

The following day I attended a little gathering to farewell a friend in the Lolita community here. It was hard to feel sad with so much sugar and general silliness, but I took a few shots to show the high tea we enjoyed that day. It was a home-delivered package – I found a few of the savouries a little unappetising but the sweets were lovely, and their macarons (I think from Lux Bite) consistently good but so strongly-coloured that I could taste food dye. Everything was presented nicely by Clara our host, with plenty of tea!

hightea1 hightea2


 hightea5 hightea4

Julianne (my Asian Galadriel), and Sam whom we will miss!

hightea7 hightea6

I sort of liked my outfit that day but unfortunately didn’t get a picture I was happy with, >< so these unflattering/grumpy looking ones will have to do.

Finally, I finished the 4th off by serving up a dessert of Brunetti’s treats and tea for myself and Adam. 🙂 It was memorable enough to er, document.

dessert1 dessert2


  1. I am so envious of the lovely, warm March you seem to be having! I really wanted to go to a rose garden today in honor of the spring equinox, but even in California the weather is still nasty and cold. Thank you for posting so many beautiful pictures that I can live vicariously through XD

    The tea party for your friend looks so lovely. It’s always sad when friends have to move (hopefully it’s for a positive reason?) but at least you know you all gave her a good send-off. I think no matter what the occasion is, Lolitas do it best.

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you again Lily!
      To be honest, most of us didn’t enjoy the first half of March because we had 10 days in a row over 30°C, urgh! But I can understand the desire for toasty sunshine after what seems to be a long winter!
      I feel the same about living vicariously through many other blogs (especially the historical costumers and their balls etc.) so that’s pretty high praise – thank you! *_* I love any excuse to dress up.

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