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August 2015
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Concept art of what we can expect in 6 months…

I figured that my reluctance to dissect Deathly Hallows Part 1 is what’s keeping me from updating. I feel the need to update in order, and to do it about all the events (small, large, exciting, or strange) that I want to remember or share somehow. I’ve been prioritising more, dieting, exercising, working, and that’s kept me from wasting hours on gaming or eating chocolate! But I have always been put off by analysing films, or coming out from a theatre and having people discuss it instantly. Personally, I am being transported when I watch a film and it takes me some time to digest it all and come back to real life. I don’t like that to be interrupted by conversations or thoughts that bring me back before I’m ready. Essentially, I don’t like the fantasy to disappear straight away, or for something I may have just emotionally invested a lot into to be brought back to reality by people’s judgements.

But I’ll list some highlights and thoughts regardless, since enough time has passed for me to stop being so precious!

  • I saw it at a midnight release with 8 friends, then about 20 hours later again, and again on November 21. I have wanted to leave a few more weeks between another showing, because I probably overloaded myself with emotions, and my Slytherin uniform should also be more complete by then…
  • Heaps of people were dressed up at midnight (I love seeing people tackling the less conventional outfits!); the underlying rapport and excitement was there. For once though, I think we were all too sad and confronted with the dark ending to applaud. We are apparently becoming known as the Harry Potter generation. If only it had been as cool ten years ago at school…
  • Where Half-Blood Prince significantly departed from the book in so many ways (though probably the most entertaining film so far), this came right back to the source and it really made a difference. It felt authentic, the performances felt authentic, and very little was left wanting.  A few things fans thought were important and not included are probably going to appear on the DVD as deleted scenes, but even at 2 hours 20 minutes there wasn’t really anything I thought unnecessary. Perhaps some areas went by too quickly, not letting us really take thing in, and other parts dragged (at least in the context of a film). But then, I’m of the fan calibre that would be quite happy to see it all in endless real-time.
  • I felt the gravity of the isolation and new responsibility of the trio; we don’t really know what’s happening out there, time is passing, we’re out of touch with the wizarding world. This film seemed to be about adapting to that, and about overcoming relationship problems. I feel we have really been set up for a great climax and finale, that almost everything has been covered, that there is less need for fun and comic relief, that Part Two will be finally driving at the core of the whole war and story, the choice between Hallows and Horcruxes, and of Harry himself.
  • Ron’s destruction of the locket is joining my other favourite film moments ever (like Gandalf vs. Balrog, Gandalf vs. Lord of the Nazgûl, and so on). Everything about the scene was perfect, surreal, and exactly as I’d always pictured it.
  • For the first time I remember, I felt a real dislike for Voldemort. Most of us automatically hate him as the enemy, while some get flippant and think that it’s ‘cool to like the baddie’, almost fondly referring to him as ‘Voldie’. Seeing the desecration of Dumbledore’s tomb come to life on screen has really given me reason to detest him fully, especially with Fiennes’ perfect portrayal of the utterly heartless (and somewhat soulless) villain.
  • Most people are saying they can’t wait until July 15, but I just want it to drag on forever. I have tried to think of some things I can do, as the mania sort of wraps up, that sufficiently sum up the obsession, and how much the last decade has revolved around it for so many of us. Usually I hold some small party each year, but now I’m creating a sort of hand-made Harry Potter encyclopaedia; it will be fully hand-written and illustrated in ink, in a custom leather journal from http://www.epica.com (the place that supplied the books for J.K. Rowling’s hand-written auctioned copies of Beedle the Bard). This will be a long and unhurried project, something that can be added to at any time, and something to occupy me in the lead-up to the final film, or afterwards when we become a bit starved of events in the Potterverse. I also attempted to drag out my entire collection but have found no room or area of yard large enough to actually display it or photograph properly, it’s grown so large. We don’t have a very good camera, otherwise it might be cool to take a visual sort of itinerary of everything!

Hmm, I just turned 24. Must distract myself from ageing concerns by blogging more!

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