Winter Coordinates

I have a very photo-heavy post today!

When Adam’s auburn lace-front wig arrived he tested a few new looks with it:





 Earlier in June I also got to be part of Melbourne’s alternative fashion parade again, this time modelling for Petticoats & Gallantry, a local gothic lolita brand.

I wore a black and white outfit. The photos weren’t the greatest so you can’t see it that well, but the bonnet was my favourite part!

Photos by

I used a special technique with rags to get my hair curly overnight. It’s not a style I will be able to do often, because of the discomfort of sleeping with a heap of things pinned and piled around my head, and the sheer volume afterwards!

Photos from Giggle Monster and P & G

A few weeks later my best friend Lowana had her engagement party (with the usual instruction of “dress to impress”), and we all inadvertently ended up in red and black!

I pass celebratory chocolate cupcakes around while Lowana’s fiancée advances hungrily:

Another night I felt like packing on the makeup and trying on Adam’s clothing with a few different wigs:

There is definitely a cross-dressing meet on the cards… It’s so much more comfortable than the female equivalent.

Next, I put together an outfit to wear to dinner with my friend Julija (and other awesome lolitas) while she visited:

JSK & blouse: Innocent World | Wig: Bodyline | Bag: Midophi | Hairband/Beret: Kidsyoyo | Accessories: Diva/offbrand/vintage


I was really happy with my new wig! After dinner we stuffed ourselves at Passionflower…


We both wore IW’s Pompadour. She is the prettiest thing ever!

Photo from

A few days later I went out to dinner with my family and tried something different with Dance of the Black Cats:


The boots and wig are from Bodyline but everything else is random.


In hindsight the jacket was really too shabby, but it’s an old favourite and I love the fitted shape.

Adam also dressed up to match me somewhat, trying on another new wig:


He seems to be getting a lot of “young Snape” comments… I have no issue with this. 😛


Phew! I’ll split things up in future. I hope this has been of some inspiration. I feel like I’m getting better at putting things together in a style I’ve settled into more.


  1. Yes! The last wig certainly does make Adam look very Snape like, and yes, it’s a good thing. The top wig on Adam is AMAZING! Lace front wigs are just so fantastic. You seem to have a great collections of wigs yourself, I’m always amazed at how perfect you always look!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thanks Nat!
      The auburn wig is a little hard to tame but I think anything with a fringe is too feminine for something historical. It took me a while to find somewhere with just the right colour, length and style of wave without a fringe of some sort! I’d definitely consider getting more, either for Adam or me. 😀
      I don’t have a huge array of wigs yet (got rid of a few that didn’t suit and am slowly collecting ones that will suit more), perhaps 8 right now – but I want to try and find easy new ways of styling my own hair too. The problem is that it doesn’t have the built-in volume on top!
      I’m sure the perfection is only an illusion! Two hours carefully arranging things and a bit of practise posing help, as do the beautiful pieces, but there is a level of artifice about it.

      And my apologies – your comment was kidnapped into the spam queue but I thankfully just noticed.

  2. Do you have a recipe for the chocolate cupcakes somewhere? They look so yummy!
    That dress *____* You’re so pretty!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you, Zelda!
      To spoil the magic, the cupcakes were from the supermarket! My friend’s mother’s plans for sweets didn’t work out so she grabbed heaps of store-made ones and (from what I could tell) added a bit of chocolate ganache and stuck on heart-shaped chocolates. They were actually really good, I think we all went back for seconds!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Aw, thank you! It’s been easy to pick up on the rosy tone in the dress, but I’d like to try a forest green one, or maybe more apricot!

  3. I love Adam’s blouse.. where is it from? O:
    PS Nevermind the level of artifice, you are still perfection!

  4. Hi, I’m so sorry for commenting on an older post, but do you happen to know which Bodyline wigs you’re wearing in these photos? They’re both stunning. 🙂

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Sorry this took a few weeks 🙂
      I’m wearing W057 (red) and I think the other is W057 in brown, but it’s been a while so I’m not sure if that’s the one. 😛

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