Vie d’un Salonnière: Part One

 This week we hung out with a few friends for supper and a little soirée, where most of us contributed something musical (or otherwise). It was a sort of “test run” of an actual Salon-themed Night we are planning to organise a little later in the year for the local Lolitas.


I went super classic with Innocent World.

amy1 lizaamy

Me with Liza


On piano, Magdalen played part of Rhapsody in Blue and a movement of a Beethoven sonata, Kimmy played Part of Your World on the flute, and I played a little Paradies toccata and Chopin’s Nocturne #10. Adam composed two clever poems for the occasion, and then we spent the rest of the evening having singalongs and general fun.

catkimmy pic

Cat, Kimmy, and a creepy holographic portrait (scarily, the first photo I took of it was eaten by the camera).


mags1 mags2

Our gracious host and her pretty coordinate.



This week I also had a few parcels arrive! *FAINT* Innocent World and Black Milk, to be precise!

Philharmonie Angel JSK in black, one dream dress (with harpsichords) = acquired!

Isabel OP in pink (so pretty and soft)

Violin socks and Sofia pullover in bordeaux

Belinda OP in black

And now I can wear my passion all over my body 😀 …


Hobbit Map dress and You Shall Not Pass dress


Witch King leggings & Map leggings

I can almost die of happiness now. 😛


  1. Great photos! A Lolita Salon sounds like so much fun.
    The Philharmonie Angel JSK is beautiful, and the LOTR pieces from Black Milk are so cool. I’d love to own some myself!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thanks Lily!
      The only factor that has prevented it so far really is the venue… ><
      I felt equal parts despair and joy at the recent Innocent World sale, because I can't resist buying, but it also meant I could get this dress, and several others, which I'd been drooling over for months. The only problem with the Black Milk stuff is that it hasn't been cold enough to wear leggings lately, and I don't have any shoes that would look good with them! Also, I don't think I'd walk down the street in one of the dresses, but I can't wait to find a cool excuse to wear them out. 😀 I really wanted the Arwen dress but decided that my bust might make her forehead look stupid. I'm excited to see what other designs they bring out over time.

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