Summer dresses, yay!

This is my first real ‘attempt’ at a casual classic lolita look, after ordering some random cheap items. I love them, but I’m not being too strict about it because I tend to dress for my own sake (not of any particular fashion) and it’s really too hot at the moment for high blouses and long socks! Dresses of a particular length and shape are something I am wearing almost every day; they’re most flattering on my figure right now (which is quite ‘cuddly’ from the last few years of relaxing and indulging), they’re easy to wear, and they make me feel very feminine. I had been slowly increasing my collection of antiques and pretty things after returning to the colour pink about two years ago after a long avoidance of it. I’ve worn almost only black, black and black for about five years and am actually wanting to mix things up a bit seasonally. Perhaps I’m too happy to feel so at home in gothic stuff now, or perhaps I’m regressing a bit and wanting to avoid growing up, keeping things young and fresh instead of dark and contrasting! I didn’t expect the blue dress to be so blue and didn’t think I could pull the colour off, but I think it’s okay. It’s a bit too much work for a daily look though. I’d go through too much makeup on my very dry skin and I’d have to brush and neaten my hair every day, which there is just not the time for. Perhaps the length, pictured below, makes that fact evident! I really need to start taking better photos though…





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