Hello, I'm Amy and this is my personal blog. I am 28 and live with my love near Melbourne, Australia, in a delightful cottage by the mountains! I'm an Elven soul, classic lolita, Slytherin (but these days it keeps telling me Ravenclaw), classical pianist and piano teacher, harpsichord and early music enthusiast, nostalgia (& chocolate) addict, and languisher in all things 18th century and Tolkien.

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November 2015
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think last weekend counted as my first Halloween party! A friend Clara held a party with a bit of a Día de los Muertos theme. I only took a few pictures, but she’d set up an awesome little altar, and there were some fun costumes that night!


I came as an 18th-century vampire, but I took my vampfangs out almost straight away because it was too hard to eat or smile with them in! The gown (a bit loose on me, whoops!) belongs to my friend (she will feature in an upcoming post!) and is incredibly thick and heavy (53 pleats in the skirt), made of a textured web-like wool which creates a moth-eaten look.


Liza at confession, and my sister Kimmy entertaining us as Dragrid.


Laura’s awesome makeup.


Adam as Rorschach and Julianne giving me a death stare.

I baked these evil little brownies…

… and my sister made bone meringues.

What did you get up to for this holiday?

2 Responses to Sugar Skulls, Samhain and Spiders

  • Desdemona says:

    Oh that dress is love <3 I'd so wear it as a day to day outfit x3

    • Amy
      Amy says:

      It is special! Though it does need all the foundation garments for it to sit properly, which adds another level of discomfort and weight. 😀 I think the robe à la française very flattering for anyone with curves! A less accurate version out of something lightweight would be wonderful, though I guess that’s where lolita could come in, perhaps in stuff like Antique Beast’s OPs.

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