Spring Dressups

Today I just have a few photos to share. I don’t think they need any captioning!



My best friend also had a piratey-themed birthday, so I dressed as an 18th-century … well, port courtesan, I guess. One that does away with stays and petticoats for an evening, anyway.



I finally got an opportunity to wear Plácido the lime-green peacock. I wish I’d captured all his plumage. I love it when Christmas-tree decorations are on sale.


  1. Your life just seems so amazing and you are so inspiring! It would be fun to see more of your home and the furnishing!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Oh, goodness, thank you! But I guess we all like to show the best of ourselves online, and my everyday life is far more dull and uninspiring (I just love surrounding myself with interesting things), and until I own my own home I’m stuck in a very rural property with very dated and cluttered surroundings. Though there is a bit of video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvRT7-pL0iA&t=3m31s of my pets and dressing table, from a little tea party I hosted!

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