It’s been a bit of a whirlwind year, which means it’s been hard to justify pulling myself away from any of my obligations long enough to update, but this means a backlog has started to build up. I guess this is my attempt at ending what must seem like quite a dry spell!

One of the many things on my to-do list has been to ruthlessly cull things from my wardrobe, in order to fit everything into a dedicated wall-sized clothing rack, and to make room for newer and better-fitting pieces. One of the pieces that needed “retiring” was this very early Vanyanis gown – it’s easier to part with things if you think you’ve got good mileage out of them, or photos in this case. And the dress has always been too big… So I took it out to the redwoods nearby, and decided to try a posing concept I’d been wanting to explore for a while – a kind of medieval/fantasy/pre-raphaelite arrangement with hair sprawling everywhere.

These were the nicest ones from the set, though I’d love to try again sometime!





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