Shani May, art, and… sheep

Shani, one of my lovely nieces, visited recently for a bit of exam respite and took the opportunity on one of the sunnier days to get into lolita. She had dressed in a completely different gothic ensemble the day before but we forgot to get pictures, so took advantage of the soft late afternoon glow in my backyard. She has always had an adorable face which I think lent itself perfectly to being totally dolled up. To me the outfit has a classic feel, but without being too evening-ish.

IMG_7442 IMG_7437-2


IMG_7457-sunny IMG_7459-3

JSK: Bodyline | Wig: Bodyline | Gloves: Vanyanis | Bows: Innocent World | Rest: offbrand/vintage

IMG_7447-2 IMG_7430

Shani is not just a pretty face though, she has been practising her art for a number of years (various media but primarily digital at the moment) and hopes to become an illustrator. Shani draws inspirations particularly from fantasy, the natural world, and human behaviour. Here are a few of her recent pieces (if you like what you see, you can follow her on tumblr or check out her society6 page to purchase prints):

bagend-day bagend-night

Bag End, day-time and night-time


sailors love their dingy bars but hate prohibition

fox deer

Cards from one of her final art projects, the Woodland Tarot Deck (this was printed )


And back to photos… ^__^

IMG_7413-2 IMG_7456-soft


IMG_7458 IMG_7464


Feeding the sheep next door! We are tying to make them less shy! The owner has strangely decided that a small yard needs FOUR sheep in it, so they must get jealous being only a fence away from a big paddock full of lush grass…


It turns out the two lambs they have are actually young rams, and the next time I managed to get it close enough to pat it, it kept trying to butt me. :/ Lambs were never so intimidating…


  1. OMG I love the wig <3 do you know which she is wearing in what kind of colour? 😀

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Hi! I’m sorry, I think it’s been way too long since I bought it so can’t remember 🙁 I checked their site briefly too and one or two of them looked similar (chin/shoulder length ones) but I can’t remember the exact colour. It was a somewhat ashy blonde one without much yellow, but the shop pics make it hard to tell.

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