Rococo Picnic 2013

Our Lolita community enjoyed its third annual “Rococo Picnic” recently (see #1 and #2). I opted for a more low-key venue this year and organised it in the grounds of an old convent in the city. As usual, the comm. can be counted upon to help make any day a complete lark (and a well-dressed one at that). I don’t really have any good picnicking photos (there was probably more frolicking going on anyway), so it’s mostly group and outfit shots this post. Hopefully they provide a bit of inspiration! I certainly appreciate the effort everyone goes to!

Watermarked photos are mine, but the rest belong to Liza, Magdalen, and MC Melody Doll!


Some of our group posing together


I wore my pink Antoinette dress and styled a wig into a half-up sort of pouf/bouffant.

Dress: Mary Magdalene | Hat/hairpieces: Homemade | Shoes: Bodyline | Tights: Alannah Hill


Adam and I


In the weeks leading up I drew upon whatever inherited craftiness I could muster and created a flat 18th-century-inspired hat from buckram and silk. I might create a tutorial post about it sometime. 🙂


Adam wore a historically-inspired Aristocrat ensemble with a new black velvet waistcoat commissioned from Vanyanis:

vest1 vest2


Victor, Jorge and Adam – three smashing gents!

kimmyamy clara

Kimmy (my little sister!) and I, and Clara in Candy Violet

joy teagan

Our lovely harpist Joy, who played from her classical repertoire, and beautiful Teagan

 magdalen bri

Magdalen in a to-die-for Lady Sloth JSK, and Brianna in an awesome coord

 liza jul

Liza (wow) and Julianne <3

lynden sinny

Lynden and Sinny – they look so pretty!

   marzy shaquanna

Marzy and Shaquanna – almost all the girls used flowers that day!

catkimmy catraptor



Team Rococo


Things start getting out of hand…


Everything looks dandy…




One last ham-up for the camera!


  1. I love your costumes! I live in Melbourne too!
    Do you always organise your own events or do you attend other events in Melbourne?

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Though this event was a few years ago, I did organise those particular ones for a private group. I haven’t been organising or attending anything else similar for a while, and don’t believe there are any proper historical costume groups around Melbourne for Georgian/Regency stuff. There’s an early music dance consort, and the SCA, and a few eclectic themed balls, but it tends to be just the occasional individual making their own stuff! You might interested in this picnic though:
      If I ever manage to improve more with sewing to make historical outfits, it’s tempting to try creating a small 18th century historical costuming society so that people can actually wear their things, eventually with live entertainment etc.

      • In the last 12 months we have started a sewing group with a focus on historical costumes. We are running a Regency picnic next month, and we did go to the Victorian and Gothic Picnic last year, which was really fun! Our Regency picnic is here if you are interested:
        And we have just started up the Melbourne Chapter of the Costumers Guild in the last 12 months too, with a focus at the moment on historical costuming. So hopefully Melbourne will have some more events like yours soon! It was so exciting to see your blog and see another Melbourne costumer out there. 🙂

        • Amy
          Amy Reply

          That looks really cool, thanks! Will definitely consider making an appearance!

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