Recent Revelry, Summer 2012

I have been preparing several posts but thought I’d start with a run-down on the last 5 or so weeks. It’s mostly happy snaps and instagram pretension…

My sister had a “Gods & Goddesses” birthday:

With my niece and Kimmy

Chocolate and pistachio-coated strawberries


The Pantheon

Rose and raspberry cupcakes with rose/vanilla buttercream and chocolate garnish – YUM


It was a very balmy night with much dancing. I was supposed to be Pandora.

We took a visit to the venue for our next “Rococo Picnic” to organise the booking:


I wore my R-series Rococo underbust dress – wasn’t very happy with this look either! The wig is nice but I don’t think it looked quite right on me.

My grandmother had her 90th birthday:

She complains about “looking a hundred”  but is always impeccable…

Trying something different outfit-wise (a pencil skirt!), father, grandmother and sister



Left: My best friend GOT ENGAGED, and so she had a little celebratory dinner. Right: Lovely Indian restaurant on Valentine’s Day. The reason I leave feeling sick is because I always order too much food and can’t stop eating the delicious fare.

We went to a boathouse for a friend’s birthday:

Between my bossing, the up-and-down weather, the wind changing the current, and Adam’s fears of capsizing, it wasn’t the most relaxing ride. But I’d do it again!

Trying to get it “right” but still not happy. I don’t think the wig colour suits me, should’ve scrapped the hair band, and there isn’t enough contrast between the light socks and shoes. The dress is a bit long for my liking (though the angle above makes it seem more so). Photo by Clara.


My dashing man!  Photos by Sam.


I attempted a few new looks with clothing and accessories new and old: 

This one was just for taking my Nanna grocery shopping, but dress-ups can bring  excitement to any day!


The day of my Slytherin-inspired look (right) I helped my sister knock up a quick patisserie portfolio. I designed each page with a fairly minimalist magazine-look which I think offset her oft-phone-captured grungy kitchen shots. We stopped at a French patisserie straight after but they weren’t looking for any new employees. I bought a small sort of buttercream/hazelnut layered square though, which was amazing.



  1. You look lovely and charming everywhere but my favourite outfit is the grocery store one! And I want your jacket (and Adam’s too)

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you, Vittorina! 🙂 The only change I would make is to wear tights instead of socks! Also, I borrowed the brown jacket from Adam. >:D I love being able to share clothes with him sometimes! I want to dress him in brolita soon…

  2. So many beautiful outfits! I really like your Slytherin outfit and your partner’s outfit in the blue jacket and cravat 🙂

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thanks! I think I’ve come a long way since these outfits, I’m actually a bit embarrassed about them (from nearly 2 years ago) and think I’ve found what suits me much better now. 😀

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