Outfit of the Day: Surface Spell Vampire


This month, some of my friends threw a vampire-themed birthday party. 😀 I wore the “Lady in Black” dress from Surface Spell – the rest of the pieces are off-brand or eBay finds. Some of Surface Spell’s pieces can be a little costumey but are very reasonably priced and comfortable, and if authenticity isn’t a priority then they suit frilly or fancy events just fine. I raised the sleeves of the dress a little (they sat too low and wide for my figure), and gathered the neckline to be more flattering on my bust.


There was lots of red food (we brought a decadent fruit platter)! Almost everyone wore black and red but I only took a handful of pictures, so this post is going to focus a little on how I did my hair instead!


The coven – photo by xylia-x

hair IMG_8912-sml amy

Pics by xylia-x and Julianne

So the exciting part (for me, anyway…) was that I feel like I reached a personal hair achievement that night by creating my neatest and lightest “pouf” yet. 🙂 Well, I’m sure it could still be neater and more interesting, but I’m no hairdresser. My hair is nearly 4.5 feet long so this process is probably a lot easier for someone with less, but here’s how I did it:

  • I ragged my hair in two sections the night before so there would be more volume, and so the ends would stay curled without needing any other tools.
  • The next day (after an extremely uncomfortable night :P) I separated the two sections into four and brushed them out so the curls weren’t as tight. (This part took me ages because the tightness and amount of hair kept re-tangling every time the brush even went near it.) I want to develop some other technique but I think I’m just going to have to buy or create some hairpieces to add as curls in future.
  • I brought roughly how much hair would be needed at the front to the front of my face (so you can’t see through it) and pinned a large hair donut onto my head. Keep the donut a little further forward than you think you need it because they tend to creep backward.
  • I combed those sections up over the donut, pinning throughout, sometimes going back and forth because of the length. I left a few sections down to be sort of decorative, and then pinned some flowers and ostrich feathers in, which gives it the illusion of more height.

insta1 insta3 insta2

Thanks for reading!


  1. Looks fabulous! I really need to try this some time.
    I’ve only done ragcurls once, but I had the same problem as you when it came to detangling, it just kept getting tangled all over again. However, after putting some jojoba oil in my hair it became a lot easier! I think it might be a good idea to apply some oil to the hair before rolling it up in the rags.

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Yes! I typically use oil after washing, and then some leave-in conditioner before ragging so it helps hold them (instead of hairsprays or other drying products), and a little coconut oil – I also have some macadamia oil but will add jojoba to the collection eventually too. 😀
      The conditioner helps a lot with brushing afterwards but the tight curls are as a result of the hair being wound so securely and small. I wonder if there’s a noodle thing out there that can be attached which stays wide as you go down the lengths (and maybe even thinner up the top so the higher curls don’t “deflate” so easily)? We will have to create a SUPER long hair resource or something, because “normal long hair” methods just not enough. 😛

      • Haha, yes we do!
        I wanted big curls when I did it, so I used very wide rags. I guess you could experiment with the shape of the rags too, and have them be thinner up the top and wider as you go down, instead of the same width? That might work.
        Btw, what size is your donut? 🙂

        • Amy
          Amy Reply

          There has to be some magic solution somewhere… I’ll keep experimenting.

          And I used a large one, about 7 inches wide. I don’t think I’ll ever use it for its intended purpose though. 😛

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