Nordic Festival: Viking Camp

This post comes a bit later than I intended, because I’d been having a terrible time and didn’t have the will to finish my pile of drafted posts. But that time has passed (or it better have…), so today I’m sharing images from our time at the local Nordic Festival a few weeks ago, in Warburton, Victoria.

It was fun to explore the Viking camp and Nordic market for a few hours – the camp was set up by the Hodegon branch of the Australian living history group The New Varangian Guard. We wandered around town a bit too, but the event was a little quieter and low-key than expected. After a rest, we also enjoyed a feast in the evening, which I’ll post about in a few days.

I’d like to thank Shani for the fantastic photos below, most of which she took:


Adam and I in the costumes I made


The Viking camp and Nordic market


The beautiful Yarra Ranges behind us


I wore my hair out for a little while, it was like a cloak!


A Viking man shows us his collection of furs – everything from horse to seal!


Candles, runes and furs


The construction of a lyre …


… And one he prepared earlier.




_DSC4417 _DSC4344




“Praxis” performing early music


A battle re-enactment


_DSC4436 _DSC4457

Viking ladies giving me a new, practical hair arrangement


Checking out the weavers’ tent for some tips



A selection of natural ingredients suitable for dye-making – onion skins, woad etc.


Skeins of wool on display

Have you ever visited or been part of a historical re-enactment society?


  1. This looks amazing! It’s wonderful to see how much skill and artistry there was in older cultures.

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      I was too! Unfortunately this one was apparently the last one, at least as organised by the lady who had been doing it a few years. 🙁 I believe the groups that I mentioned do travel around the country for other events though.

      • Oh thats no good. It must be hard for those people who organise large events. I will have to keep a look out for them in other places.

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