Mary Had a Little Magdalen

Now that the truly horrible blog title is out of the way… my friend Magdalen came to visit recently! She is an awesome and absolutely lovely lolita and I had been intending to kidnap her for a while. We played piano for each other, chatted heaps, and also got dolled up in my Antoinettes to go out for lunch and some shopping. I think she looked so pretty! *__*




IMG_6822 IMG_6818


IMG_6823 IMG_6829


My cat was curious about what was going on outside…



IMG_6810 IMG_6805




Our stick insect also wanted to get in on the action!


Afterwards I prepared a little tea party where we tried a bunch of different teas and over-indulged in my baking.



  1. How lovely! Both of you look gorgeous, and I love the photography as well. And that blonde wig is perfect! Is that the Lockshop one?

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you! <3
      I’m pretty sure it’s a Lockshop one! Magdalen owns a few, they suit her and are pretty good quality. 😀

  2. Augh, so pretty. What dresses are you two wearing? I see it’s in two different colorways but. . this dress needs to be a dream dress for every girl <3

  3. the photos are gorgeous! you both look stunning (: i have always wished i could fit into MM’s dresses; i wish they would release size 1 and 2 like JetJ does.
    i was wondering, do you remember the ebay shop where you found your shoes? i’ve been looking for them (or a similar pair) and i’m having no luck. thank you!

  4. Amy
    Amy Reply

    Thanks very much! I agree regarding sizing – even Innocent World makes a lot of items in S/M/L, but I guess MM don’t do quite as many items and some of the brands seem reluctant to make them as “accessible”. It also means multiple pattern gradings for every item and would ultimately cost more, but perhaps it would pay off in the long run, because there would certainly be interest, and because lolita seems to be a growing fashion. The clothes were definitely designed with small-busted, smaller frames in mind, which suits the doll look but isn’t as Western-accessible, which keeps a lot of people from trying the fashion and perpetuates the “exclusive” nature that lolita seems to have. BTSSB makes a lot of items that fit cuddly (or just larger-than-tiny) figures.

    Regarding the shoes, I can’t find the store I purchased them from (I searched “bow heels” or something and with postage it came to about $30), HOWEVER… I do not recommend them, because they were very cheaply made and not comfortable at all. I’m very fussy about shoes (and was happy to wear them for a few photo shoots) but I can’t see this pair ever being worn in properly, they just weren’t constructed well at all. As far as I know they’re just a copy of another better shoe with that same design, but not necessarily a brand on their own, if that makes sense.

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