Lolita Easter Picnic

Hello! Time for another lolita meet post…

An Easter picnic was organised for our group a few weeks ago, and I’m sure it’s been one of the biggest meets so far. The weather was unpleasant, so we took refuge in an indoor sort of chill-out area. It was a little public for my liking, since we were having to fend off egg-thieves, nosy-parkers and interfering muzzas throughout the afternoon, but it was warm and quite comfortable.

I wore basically the same outfit as from a few posts ago, but with the addition of little ears to get into the theme of things.




Adam wore an AatP vest and his Mortisha’s coat.

Epic group photo, “class of 2012” style!

The bunnies of the day!



Jorge and Adam add some gothic class amidst candy and pastel bunnies.

I began to set up a tray for some hot drinks but got so distracted that I didn’t feel like sitting for long.

Two photos above from Kavya


Cheeky Kimmy had an almost matching teacup. 😀 It’s fun having someone to share accessories and combine postage with!


My quick invention of chocolate cups with candied eggs and rose/chocolate-flavoured Persian fairy floss…


Charleen and Magdalen

Steph, Karen and Anna


Brianna and Sinny

“The Eastocrat”


Cat and Kim


I was fascinated by the text on Krystal’s IW print…


And it wouldn’t be a group photo if we didn’t try to look our best.

That night, after a bite to eat and a fairly successful “Lolita Last Supper” attempt, we booked a booth at karaoke. I am terrible because I have never been able to enjoy karaoke, but the company was dandy.


  1. Hi, I’m sorry this is coming unexpectedly, but your dance of the black cats dress, I saw you own it (googling like a crazy person), and are you possibly maybe willing to sell it? I don’t have the largest income but I am willing to not eat or whatever if I have the possibility to buy it. So, what do you say? Maybe you’re attached to it and don’t want to sell it, or maybe you already have.. Either way, mail me!

    I will probably follow your blog as well. Bookmarking it. Beautiful picture. Everywhere. ;_;

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you for you lovely comments Jasmin/Zelda! However, I doubt that I will ever sell this dress as it certainly is dear to me and was my first “real” lolita purchase. I would suggest you put a “WTB” post up on asking for the dress, because it does come up every now and then. Maybe someone would agree to a payment plan if you don’t have enough money at once. But please don’t make a lolita dress a bigger priority than eating! Maybe you could even put aside an amount every week/month and when a dream dress comes up somewhere you can use that savings to grab it quickly!

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