Lolita… and Lego

This weekend we got to catch up with friends at an annual Japanese Festival. There were events and activities running all day, like a tea ceremony, competitions, shamisen players, martial arts, and our friend Jess performed traditional Japanese dance with her teacher.


festival2 festival3

KavyaMagdalen and me

Dress & Bonnet:  Mary Magdalene | Socks: Innocent World

We also checked out a display of school students’ art for the drawing competition:


art1 art2

Look at these techniques… there are some seriously talented children out there.


On an unrelated subject, this month has also included a Lego Party. One of our best friends celebrated his birthday by putting out all his old (and new) Lego and decorating the house with various Lego paraphernalia, and we spent the night building random things and attempting to assemble a huge pirate ship.


I provided a few “costumes”… 😛

lego-amy lego-kimmy

… and suggested we dress in block colours. 😀

lego-toilet lego-tyres

My sister was the winner of “Most Creative Construction”: a redneck on luxury toilet — there are brown and yellow pieces in there… and the barrels hold “toilet rolls”. I was lost for ideas and just made “Tyre Island”. Despite Minecraft experience, I am still better at sorting Lego than inventing things with it!

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  1. it’s indeed talent to draw the animal market (S-1).
    That luxury toilet also looks like a F16 fighter jet with the pilot, especially with the black triangle underneath. hehe.

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