Keyboards & Camellias

Today I’m posting a couple of outfits I tried this week. 🙂


OP: Alice and the Pirates | Wig & Boots: Bodyline | Bag: Tree of Life | Accessories: Offbrand/vintage


I took advantage of Innocent World’s current sale for the dress below, for something more suited to casual days:


OP: Innocent World  |  Socks: Innocent World
I have been adding my own belts so that I actually have a waist, because the belt that came with it doesn’t really fasten very well.


 I wore it to a piano recital where I played the toccata from Paradies’ Sonata #6, and Ravel’s Menuet from Le Tombeau de Couperin. In my lessons this year I have been juxtaposing movements from the Ravel suite with shorter baroque keyboard works, which I think delightfully complement one another.

The camellia bushes are about the only place to stand in front of that aren’t a complete eye-sore. I think there are about 8 bushes on the property (which probably need serious pruning and medicine), though half of those are more camellia “trees” than bushes. Thinking about these shrubs made me wonder why the white ones flowered and dropped off earlier than all the pink ones! Then I decided to capture each of the different coloured plants… and put the rabbit in them for good measure. 😀


 It took me about half an hour to coerce him into the perfect spot! He’s a lovely placid bunny, but not the smartest…


  1. Really random comment, I know, but I’ve been trawling through some of your posts – you take gorgeous photos and wear lovely outfits! You probably have different varieties of camellia; there are three main types [japonica, sasanqua and reticulata] and there are many, many other hybrids and crossbreeds. That’s why they are great – you can plant them to have a range of flowers at different times ^__^

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      That makes sense! They’re just starting to come out again, looking all fresh and lovely!
      Thanks very much!

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