Gothic Rose Antler Headdress

I was recently sent this gorgeous headdress from Kate’s Clothing, a U.K. stockist for items from the brand Restyle.

The headdress features a strong plastic headband with little antlers, 8 roses, and several strands of silver chain and black beads attached to the front. I’ve found it quite a versatile piece – it looked good straight out of the box and was comfortable, and the flowers were attached in a flattering way.

It differed a little to the stock images in that the beaded chains were about twice as long – but I think this is handy because it means you could probably use pliers to remove some of the links, and create a length ideal for your forehead height. I didn’t do this for these photos but probably will in future.

For this image set, I’ve styled it with an elegant custom-made and hand-embellished outfit by Vanyanis, and a mulberry wig.


eng_pl_Antlers-Roses-Beads-headband-Gothic-Wreath-romatic-headdwear-1394_4 IMG_7072-medIMG_6998-med IMG_7019-med IMG_7031-med IMG_7060-med

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