Decadent Dressups

I have a super outfit dump today!

~ Alice’s Kitchen Tea ~

One of my best friends is getting married soon – I am in the bridal party so it was our job to organise a day of fun! We began with an afternoon tea where we all brought food and played some games.

pindot1ย pindot2

ย I wore classic lolita in the daytime. The dress is from Innocent World and the necklace and wig is Bodyline (but I don’t think they stock it now).

IMG_7143ย IMG_7146

This is Alice – I think she looked totally gorgeous!


She has amazing skin and a fantastic smile and is just an awesome person and wonderful friend. ๐Ÿ˜€

IMG_7131ย food1

My sister Kimmy, and some of the food.


~ Alice’s Hen’s Night ~

Afterwards we took a break and got changed. We were off to have dinner and then an evening show at Bohemia, a burlesque bar/cabaret club (where we enjoyed a very cheeky –hurhur– show), so to keep in with the theme I dressed Alice up in some of my clothing:

alice1 alice2


Lowana, Alice and me – actually, all three corsets in this photo were made by Lowana!

IMG_7218ย IMG_7226

I wore all gold and black, and it felt good to be back in something more… seductive. This corset was designed with “perfect cleavage” a high priority – but more on that in a later post (it was part of a bridesmaid outfit from a few months ago)!


Corset, bolero & overskirt: Vanyanis | Wig: GLW | Petticoat: eBay | Tights: Forever New | Necklace & headwear: selfmade

IMG_7221 ย IMG_7223

~ Erika’s Purple Party ~

Another good friend of ours had a birthday recently, and the dress code required that we all wear something purple.

ย ย purple1

(I chewed/drank off my lip colour by this point)

ย purple4ย purple5

I wore my purple/grey Gabalnara wig and an Innocent World dress with gold and purple accessories.


The hot birthday goddess.


ย Purple people!

There was another party in between this one and the next, but as the theme was “The Lonely Island” (and more specifically, The Creep), I don’t think the photos from that will ever be posted here!

~ Kimmy’s Housewarming ~

A cozy night of eating and drinking gave me an excuse to goth up, and I wore black and silver with a more muted purple.

purple7ย purple6

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