Damask and Dilection

This Valentine’s Day we didn’t intend to do anything (as usual), but at the last minute kept to the consumerist tradition somewhat and arranged to go shopping and see The Hobbit again. I rifled around trying to go for something slightly romantic-but-mature, and also bearable for the humid week we’re having. I settled on The Swing print dress, because I love the cheekiness and oh-so-scandalous eroticism of Fragonard’s work!

ootd ootd2

Dress: baroquepetrock | Tights: Vanyanis

I have been trying to wear my hair “out” more regularly to save the warmth and pressure of wigs, but it’s still a nuisance and doesn’t suit every style. As of today’s measurement however, I am half an inch off having 48-inch (120cm/4 feet) long hair!

Adam treated me by contributing to the “Amy must have damask-print clothing” binge, after seeing Valley Girl’s Baroque Romance collection. It’s inexpensive and, lately, being able to show off my curves in the styles I love (especially when baroque doesn’t do the rounds in fashion that often) makes me feel a little more confident!


baroque2 baroque3

baroque4 marzy

Another gratuitous mirror shot, plus my Loli Valentine! This year a number of Australian lolitas were each assigned a Valentine – mine was from a girl in my own community. 😀

I’m having a quiet month and honestly have no more news right now, but do have a few posts planned, and I’m looking forward to March – in a month you’ll see why! 😛


  1. Your hair is absolutely stunning *_*I hope this doesn’t sound too creepy, but I love when you wear it out instead of under a wig, because it inspires me to keep growing mine. Frankly I’m amazed you can get it under a wig at all…my own hair is just past my waist, and even with really flat milkmaid braids sometimes it still hurts my head.

    Both of your Valentine’s dresses are so beautiful! You’re lucky to have a boyfriend who’s interested in fashion, too…I imagine it makes gifts of clothing less hit-or-miss :p

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Not creepy at all! 😀 I think it’s totally worth growing out hair at least once in your life! Waist-length is still pretty long by modern standards. Pinning plaits around my head is usually the best way to get it to stay put under a wig, but most other hairstyles hurt or don’t stay put. This probably begs the question of “why keep it long” if it causes so much pain, but I think some of the perks of long hair outweigh (hurhur) the pain. Just.
      The clothing part of Valentine’s really involved me grabbing a stack of things, trying them on then showing my bf changing-room pictures, getting his enthusiastic approval and dumping them on the counter. 😀 Half of the items were reduced too, yay.
      Thanks for reading!

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