Birthday, yippee!

December 9 marked my quarter-century birthday, but instead of moping around grumpy about ageing and how the years are flying by (they do regardless of how busy you are, it seems), I had a nice time doing as I pleased. I dressed up, putting a summery spin on my favourite little Metamorphose dress, and we headed out in the topsy-turvy weather. We stopped at several farms to pick up fresh berries and flowers and then arrived at my choice eatery of the day, Cafe de Beaumarchais. Honestly, if I lived in Sassafras I think I’d pop in there every afternoon to get slowly chubby(er) on a late lunch, a sweet treat and a pot of tea. This time I chose the Mediterranean flan and shared a pistachio & orange slice with Adam.


This year I received a bag and bonnet set from my dad (I think the bonnet is lovely but it definitely wasn’t made for my head and sits far too tall), a tea book and some Monet prints from my mum, a notepad and a few dozen homemade macarons and friands from my little sister, a nice bottle of moscato from Alice, and bath bombs in the shape of macarons from Krystal! My brother gave me a voucher I used to put a deposit on the Diablo III collector’s edition!!! I also put money I received towards one of my dream lolita dresses, Mary Magdalene’s Elmeria in chocolate.

I was sent over fifty lovely messages which completely amazed me, I could barely keep up with them! The following day was unpleasantly warm so my party plans, in which I envisioned a lawn party in perfect weather, instead shifted indoors. We decided to erect the gazebo INSIDE – it only just fit – which meant I could put up some hangings for a fun and cozy atmosphere, a cubby-cum-opium den. Though I didn’t really manage to get any “good” photos I had a great time loung- well, bustling about with food and drinks, hanging out with family, close friends, and some awesome new friends.

My mouth’s watering just looking at this. My sister’s mini berry friands are to die for!

I look like a sleaze :S


Regaled as per usual with the life of Nelson.

Three sisters dancing!

Jorge shows us how to spray a deck of Bin Wang…

…and Jess follows suit. (sorry)

The next day was just spent groaning, as all my muscles protested to having actually been used, and having a MarioKart 64 marathon. I dropped some family home and then tried out a new local Thai restaurant with Adam. We were very pleased with the food and vowed to keep returning. Minus one hitch where part of our order wasn’t taken (we’re a bit on the quiet side, I think), the staff were very sweet and it was a lovely dining experience to top off what ended up as a 3-day birthday celebration!


  1. Happy Birthday (en retard)
    You look “oh so beautiful” as always (I’ve followed you for ages but I always was too shy for popping out) and your journeys look just like something perfect.
    I wish that I can have a birthday like your one. Tea & party & wandering around with a wonderful outfit and a marvellous pack of family and friends.
    And I’m in love with the Elmeria, but in grey!
    Best regards

    Vittorina/Anna Antonia

    PS.I wanna have a “dad that gives me bonnets” also.

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Owww, thank you Vittorina, you’re too sweet! It’s very easy to organise a simple afternoon tea for friends, and you can work your way up from there – I find it best to either invite people you know will love the theme and get into it, or if it’s family & friends to not enforce costumes much and over-organise. Picnicking is always a winner too! I never seem to have enough filling, savoury food though…

      Don’t be shy, I’m just the average person underneath my collecting and dressing up.

      I would’ve found it very hard to pick which colour to get the MM dress in because I thought it was beautiful in just cream, but so was strawberry… I didn’t get in quick enough to order on the site so a girl offered me hers and I couldn’t resist. I am getting butterflies just thinking about it.

      I have the sort of dad that says, “what do you want for birthday/Christmas?” and then goes out to buy it or transfers money and lets me organise it. Sometimes for his own birthdays he still buys all his own gifts and then says “you can give me this”… I guess it spoils the surprise a bit but it’s good to get something you know you’ll love.

      Do you wear lolita clothing? There are many local lolita communities around the world and they tend to organise fancy little events for those that wear the fashion.

  2. My a-quarter-of-a-siecle birthday is this 27 December, I think that I’ll try to organize something like “tea & then ice-skating” but my friends and parents are a bit too serious for joining my idea of going out with nostalgic clothes and so on. I think that I’ll try to wander for one of my city’s gardens with a couple of them doing a little photoshoot and then joining the ones that have organized for the ice-skating thing. I think that I’ll go down and break the ice ’cause I’m clumsy but oh…that’s the play. I’ve done some pic-nic some weeks ago but in extra-warm clothes and over the hills, I think that it will be good to try a city pic-nic with a more confy outfit.

    For the MM Elmeria, you are doing good. That is one my dream dresses but it’s a bit unaffordable for a university-girl that travels everyday, does analysis and is a bookahoolic!
    Really, I spent most of my extra money in books. But I think that one day I’ll order something from MM.
    My next fashion wish anyway is a victorian or edwardian outfit with steel boned corset,a bonnet, a real bonnet!, and everything.
    I’m hunting for a theatre-dismissed one, ordering a custom made one is too expensive, and I like used clothes, they feels like they has a “soul” inside.

    You dad is amazing! My dad is just goofy like me and so let my mother decide everything.

    I used to wear lolita and be active in my local community 4 years ago but with my medicine studies lolita became economically and time incompatible , now I’ve restart to be more free in my choices (not free as I want to be but I’m next to be graduated) and I’ve re-discovered the pleasure of this style, and my tastes are changed trough the time .
    I’ve keeped some of my clothes like my first JSK or the Sweet Check skirt but I dont feel good in them, so I’m restarting a new wardrobe with a new view of thing and so… I’m a newbie! The only complaint is that the old Palermo’s community is totally lost.
    There is a good community in North Italy and know I follow them in the forums waintig for trying one of the events.

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Happy birthday for today! Did you decide on the theme and do anything special?

      I want to invest in more classic lolita pieces so I’m never “too old” to wear them! I think it’s definitely worth saving for a few special dresses. I don’t earn very much but I keep other expenses down and then there is just enough for a few extravagant lolita purchases.

      So you live in Southern Italy but your active community is north? How long would it take to travel to the events? My second-biggest dream is to go masked balls in Venice at the Carnivale in a different 18th-century outfit every night. I agree about clothing taking on a life of its own, and being full of character.

      If you can find authentic ex-theatre pieces (and can do the cleaning/repairs) then it would definitely be cheaper. My friend can commission historical garments but there is no choice but to charge what they are worth, and because there is so much time spent in creating them it’s not the best way to earn a living (they are a labour of love!), though nothing compares to a custom-fitted set of stays, or any custom corset for that matter! It was wearing historical fashion that made me want to wear lolita, because it’s like a more practical way of adding that elegance and opulence to everyday life. 🙂

      It sounds like you’ve had a much longer interest in lolita though! Will you try and get more classic pieces?

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