Autumn in Olinda

At last, my favourite season! For the gentleman’s birthday this week we had lunch at the Olinda Tea House (quite good!), and then took a ramble through the National Rhododendron Gardens. We intended to get garden pictures but ended up having more fun with outfit pictures against the gorgeous autumnal backgrounds! We arrived a little later in the afternoon so it was very peaceful. Entry is free and, though the rhododendrons typically flower through Spring, it’s still worth visiting in any season.


The last few weeks were spent first wearing ourselves out helping family move (which was a little sad because my mother moved 3 hours away!), and then recovering from having my wisdom teeth out! I don’t think anyone needs huge long descriptions of surgery &c., but it went very smoothly and I barely experienced any pain – in fact, after a brief sit down when I got home (still drooling blood), I felt compelled to play through a little Handel courante (though I did head to bed soon after). I was proud of having finally stopped putting off the procedure and facing a few fears. While the whole experience was somewhat uncomfortable and exhausting (and at times miserable because I am a fussy eater!), it was still much less worse than I had anticipated, and all the discomfort was soon over and forgotten – so this little trip provided a nice excuse to properly dress up and get out of the house!

rho-a7 rho-ad4-3

Dress: Innocent World | Hair/accessories: Offbrand | Wig: GLW
Shoes: Spendless (heh, I needed something to walk up hills in!) but I changed into heels for dinner that night

Adam is wearing velvet pants from Ichigo15 and a velvet jacket from Punk Rave which he really loves.


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rho-ad5 rho-ad6


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rho-a5 rho-a6




Thanks for viewing! Hope you’re not too sick of our faces yet. 😛 I would also welcome some constructive criticism this time!


  1. This looks amazing! I wish Autumn was like that up here in QLD! You look amazing (as always) 🙂

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thanks so much! :O I feel really at home in the alpine areas in Victoria. I’ve never been to QLD but it sounds like somewhere I would prefer to visit in Winter only. 😛

  2. Hello there from Sydney ! The park you went to looks so gorgeous, I think I need to look for nice parks around here too. As for your outfits, I love them ! You both look wonderful in them and it looks really nice together too ! Love your coords! 😀

  3. These photos surprised me about how beautiful Olinda is <3

    i also have some Ichigo15 recently too

  4. Just found your blog from your Tumblr, I am absolutely in love with it! Your photos and your Tolkien influence are absolutely breathtaking. I’ve been wanting to find more blogs like yours since I recently decided to indulge much more in my Arthurian and Tolkien hobbies that were merely casual before. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Yay, thank you! I guess personal expression is important to me and dressing up is one way to express myself (which I would otherwise find difficult outside of playing music or having some D&M with my partner :P) – I get so much inspiration from other lolitas/costumers/blogs that it’s nice to know I sometimes provide the same thing! I’d look forward to seeing your indulgences in those mythologies!
      Oh, I really like how you pulled off this outfit: It’s like each part went into making up an awesome whole, if that makes sense!

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