Outfit of the Day: Miss Point OP

This outfit was just put together last-minute for a dinner party with my best friends.


The dress is from Taobao, tights from Forever New, and the awesome necklace was something I picked up in a random fabric store, but I have no idea where else it can be acquired!

IMG_5635 IMG_5648

Sunset made my mop look weird (it is darker and not that reddish) but apparently it is becoming more “sunkissed” as time passes. I’m tempted to dye it black but can’t find anyone willing to help!


Necklace detail


…and moggy trying to escape my loving arms.


  1. That’s your hair? O.O How in the world do you get it all underneath a wig?
    And I thought my butt length hair had become impossible to stuff away x3

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Hehe, yes it is all mine! I plait it around my head, or behind it, whichever works depending on the style of wig! It’s not terribly comfortable but I’ve mastered a “bearable” routine where I don’t pin too tightly and use a fairly loose fishnet-type wig cap. It still ends up looking helmet-y but I guess that’s the compromise. I’d say regardless of length, the thickness of hair is what makes it harder. 🙂
      Also, I miss your blog updates! 😛

      • Aww thank you. I’ve been meaning to blog again, I’m just waiting on the new layout coding to be finished.
        I’ll be moving to my own domain and the topics will be a little different though. Mostly photography, photoshop tutorials, makeup looks. Maybe outfit posts, though very little lolita since I’m not that interested in the style anymore.

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