Happy We!

Yesterday we found a Baroque-style dining setting for sale online. We asked if it had been sold yet and were told it was still available, so after a few hours debating our budget and our need vs. want for it, we agreed to buy it! The seller’s mother had bought the furniture new a few decades ago and it had been cared for immaculately; I assured them it was going to a very good home. The price was fantastic and it was in perfect condition (not a scratch or dent to be seen, very smooth surface on the table, hardwood, chairs perfect and no re-upholstering needed) so Adam and I went halves and picked it up today. It looks extravagant but we could’ve easily paid a lot more for something new or modern (which is not our preference) – I’m convinced that since everything went so smoothly that it was just the right decision. We’re very pleased and it’s satisfying and encouraging to be able to slowly collect furnishings and household goods for when we can eventually have somewhere to really call our own.

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