Dressing Table

Have you ever found exactly what you’re looking for, only to find out you can’t possibly have it? And nothing else will do? A few weeks ago I found these on a classifieds website, so I immediately expressed my interest to the seller. I sent a “yes, I’ll take both!” message, provided the other tentative buyer pulled out. And of course they didn’t, and I can’t find anything as good for the price. Nonetheless, I am still hunting for a Rococo or Queen Anne style dressing table. I can only afford reproductions or revival furniture, it should preferably be white, second-hand, and have room for a stool underneath.

  • Oh dear, we just bought a queen four-poster bed from a friend! What a good day! I have bought and received far too many lovely things lately, and everything else is going well.
  • My eating and exercise habits seem to be leaving me feeling better than ever (or at least not sluggish and unable to cope with events day after day!) which I am attributing to cutting out sugar, and most breads or carb-heavy foods. The vegetarian thing doesn’t have as much to do with it, but I’ve saved money from not buying meat and have levelled up in cooking considerably.
  • Christmas Eve and Day were nice, and tomorrow I’m going to the city again with family.
  • Then I’m having my Harry Potter collection photographed and sending off the pictures in an entry to a book. I’ve also just opened The Elder Wand, which is a Tumblr blog at this point.
  • We’ve been playing lots of Battlefield Bad Company 2 (I’m unlocking all the sniper rifles at present, and Adam has collected about 70 dog tags since we bought the game a few days ago).

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