Scenes in Skyrim

This post comes months after finishing the game (depending on your definition of “finished”) but I still need to talk about how awesome Skyrim was. Each Elder Scrolls game should be considered as a standalone game, not as a sequel or just an improvement on the previous game. Here are a few thoughts I had while journeying:

  • First, it’s gorgeous. It was very easy to lose yourself in the atmosphere and the landscapes, to just stare up at the sky or bask in the surrounding icy vistas. I loved standing on glaciers at night. However, graphics cards and processors can handle a lot more these days so I want TES6 (multiplayer?) to be a game I need to upgrade my computer just to play.
  • An absorbing storyline made it so hard to just quit and go to bed. I rarely felt “stuck” because there was always another quest to move to, or location or cave to be explored. Politically, I let my thief side with the Stormcloaks, though I didn’t approve of Ulfric’s methods. It didn’t even feel like a choice between the better of two evils, because the subtle choices I did make eventually cut out the option to side with the Imperials.
  • Trying to create even a moderately attractive elf was impossible. I know mods have addressed this but I remain a vanilla girl and won’t use any mods until my next playthrough!
  • I initially hated the console-game feel, especially in the UI/menu, but it was still an improvement. I highly recommend replacing the menu system with SkyUI. The levelling system took a little while to get used to, especially with only three main attributes, but other than it being really clunky to navigate I loved the perks, especially with bows. You end up so overpowered!
  • Annoying: Carefully arranging all the food/ingredients in your house only to come back and find them sprawled about like someone had trashed the place.
  • Even though I seemed to be carrying hundreds of potions, I only really used the healing potions.
  • Hearing “Silt Sunrise” for the first time in-game.
  • So many draugr, ugh.
Anyway, to save the endless scrolling  I’ve divided my screencaps into a few sets.
The first includes scenery I found interesting or beautiful, especially because of the colour palettes. Spoiler warning!
The next set are scenes I thought worthy of a cap, turning points in the story, or funny things:


And finally, there was no shortage of gore, so I saved a few gruesome images:


I still need to finish my series of Morrowind caps, but I have two Lolita-related posts coming up! Check back for a photo shoot and some snaps of this year’s (wet and dismal) Rococo Picnic.


  1. This game looks beautiful! I don’t own it myself because I know I would just become addicted to it, but the images are gorgeous!
    I love your blog btw, so pretty 🙂

    • Amy
      Amy Reply

      Thank you, dear!

      It was very addictive but well worth a play; it was almost like a holiday!
      I love your blog too! I have been inspired to try and update more, with shorter posts if need be.

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