Revisiting Morrowind: Part Two

Part One ended with my pretty elven thief exploring the island of Vvardenfell, building her ranks through the various guilds and Great House Hlaalu, and filling her squatter house with treasures and books. However, the protagonist is also caught up in a series of missions for the Blades, investigating the ominous activity of the Sixth House, and uncovering every snippet of information about the Nerevarine Cult.

Part Two takes “Calliope” through the revelation of the Nerevarine Prophecies and her ultimate fate, with a few quaint side quests and pretty landscapes (enhanced by the Morrowind Graphics and Sound Overhaul).

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While sneaking about someone’s basement I inadvertently slaughtered both the blighted and the healthy rats. The owner was displeased.
A view of the Ghostfence from Ald-ruhn, blessedly unobstructed by ashstorms!
Percius Mercius, the former Master of the Fighters Guild and far less corrupt than many other guild members (who are entrenched in the Camonna Tong).
Collecting the Bitter Cup, an artifact of Clavicus Vile, is central to a fighters guild mission, or yields either a skill increase if drunk from.

It isn’t long after this that I have worked my way up to be Master of the Fighters Guild, Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild, Master Thief of the Thieves Guild, Grandmaster of Great House Hlaalu, Primate of the Imperial Cult, Patriarch of the Temple, and Knight of the Imperial Dragon in the Imperial Legion. I also become an Operative for the Blades, the highest rank possible in Morrowind under Caius Cosades who is Grand Spymaster. I might as well be Queen of Morrowind…

The Urshilaku Ashlander Tribe’s camp

But to further investigate all those rumours about the Nerevarine I must gain an audience with the leader (Ashkhan) of the Urshilaku, one of the nomadic Ashlander tribes. Sul-Matuul, the Ashkhan, sends me on a mission to prove myself…

Nibani Maesa, Wise Woman of the Urshilaku.

…which, once completed, allows me to speak to their wise-woman. She reveals that if I choose the Path of the Incarnate, I will become the Nerevarine.

Meanwhile, I have been watching the construction of my stronghold, a Hlaalu-funded property near the Odai River south of Balmora. Thoughts of my possible future as the Incarnate keep me occupied as I begin hauling all my gear over from Dura gra-Bol’s old dwelling into my new rooms at the Manor.

Saying goodbye to my squatter house

After the move, it seems like a good time to relax upstairs in my sugar den. The blissful feeling and a little music are a good distraction, but I can’t avoid Caius Cosades for much longer.

My lute, my Skooma pipe and finest quality Moon Sugar, and my copy of “Confessions of a Skooma-Eater”

I take a few side quests in the meantime…

Hefadmir, a handsome smuggler aboard Velfred the Outlaw’s ship.
A Dreamer, servant of Dagoth Ur, rushes at me as I infiltrate a Dunmer Stronghold being used for evil purposes.
The other Dreamers are not to be disturbed from their feast of Corprusmeat hunks…
Watching the sunset from a Daedric ruin
A random Orc in a jail cell. :\
An eerie Sixth House shrine
An impressive telescope at the Dwemer ruins of Nchuleftingth
An Orc warrior who just wants to die a hero’s death…
I grant his wish and take Umbra, his monstrous sword!

… and finally face Caius to receive my next orders. I am to enter a Sixth House base and destroy any worshippers, particularly Dagoth Gares, an Ash Ghoul of terrible repute. The only person to survive the last trip there died shortly after from Corprus, an incurable and deforming disease created by Dagoth Ur.

Sunset in Gnaar Mok, a hole of a town. Unfortunately my destination is much worse than this…
… for on the outskirts of Gnaar Mok lies the cavern of Ilunibi. I have a bad feeling about this.
An ascended sleeper in Ilunibi.
Facing Dagoth Gares

After sections with names such as “Carcass of the Saint”, “Tainted Marrow”, “Marowak’s Spine”, and “Blackened Heart”, I find the dreadful Dagoth Gares in “Soul’s Rattle”.

Oh dear…

He not the most challenging enemy, but after I kill him a strange feeling comes over me. Something has happened.

His corpse yields a note from Dagoth Ur himself.
What a terrible place.
Many of the shrines contain these terrible bells. If one so desires, one can create a very disconcerting melody on them.

After a last look at the shrine, now devoid of Dagoth Ur’s servants, I hurriedly report back to the Spymaster.

Back at Caius Cosades’ den, I discover HIS SHIRT.

Unfortunately before I can even begin the exciting tale of my adventure in the eerie caverns, Caius’s face grows pale. With a worried look he grimly announces that I appear to have contracted Corprus. However, it turns out he already planned for this moment and happens to have the location of a possible cure.

The Telvanni tower of Tel Fyr.

In the Azura’s Coast region lies an island where a Telvanni wizard has been experimenting.

Arriving at the tower.
Divayth Fyr

Divayth Fyr, a positively ancient Dunmer sorcerer, has created a place called the Corprusarium, a sort of asylum for those infected with corprus. He eventually agrees to test out the “possible cure” on me, but only if I perform a little task. The task involves finding a pair of enchanted boots within the bowels of the Corprusarium.

A “daughter” (or one of several “wives”) of Divayth…

It turns out he experiments on more than just sufferers of Corprus, and keeps several clones as companions.

Corprus beasts roam the caverns below, and though many are (ponderously) hostile, they must not be injured.
Yagrum Bagarn, arguably the last living Dwemer, bloated and suffering Corprus. He has a sort of dwelling in the Corprusarium and is essential to the main quest, as well as a quest involving finding out about the disappearance of the dwarves.

Thankfully the boots retrieval goes smoothly, and the wizard’s potion essentially cures me, though it probably wouldn’t have worked on anyone but a potential Nerevarine. Relieved beyond belief, I return to Caius. He announces that he’s been recalled back to the Imperial City and has to leave Morrowind, but he leaves me with orders to contact Mehra Milo, a dissident priest. Unfortunately a search for her yields nothing but a coded note, from which I deduce that she is being held prisoner. Next stop, Ministry of Truth.

The Ministry of Truth – a moonlet used as a high security prison, which floats above the Temple district of Vivec.

Which reminds me of another large rock…

The Magic Rock in Maar Gan, which is part of a pilgrimage quest.

Breaking Mehra out isn’t a huge challenge, but we don’t manage to do it very covertly and the guards are hot on our tails as we use our Divine Intervention scrolls. From there it’s a matter of getting the first boat out from Ebonhart to the island of Holamayan, where a monastery houses a group of Dissident Priests. We discuss Dagoth Ur and the Prophecies and, after speaking to the priests at length, I take a pile of notes to present to Nibani and Sul-Matuul at the Urshilaku Camp. They give me a few heroic tasks to fulfil another of the Seven Trials (the first two already fulfilled by birthright and by my new-found disease immunity).

A statue of Azura with the Cavern of the Incarnate.

Within the Cavern of the Incarnate I collect the Moon-and-Star, an artifact of Nerevar from the statue of Azura’s hands. Since none but the Nerevarine may retrieve it, I have “officially” become the Incarnate! As I examine the ring, the ghosts of past failed Incarnates appear around me to present me with gifts and tell me their stories.

The Fourth and Fifth trials are to become recognised by all the Ashlander tribes as the Nerevarine, and be named Hortator of all the Great Houses.

As a councillor of House Hlaalu, “Uncle” Crassius must be convinced somehow and seizes upon the opportunity to get all he can. I am unable to refuse.
House Redoran is another matter. Only one corrupt councilman, Bolvyn Venim, refuses to name me Hortator and must be disposed of.
Tel Vos, home of Master Aryon. He is one of the House Telvanni Councilors who need to be convinced to name me Telvanni Hortator.
My murder of Archmagister Gothren, in order to secure the title of Telvanni Hortator…

 I meet a few interesting characters along the way:

The White Guar
Rollie the Pack Guar with his owner, Teris Raledran.
Some dialogue shared with a strange… Khajiit.
Sharing some sugar with Ra’Gruzgob.

 Being named Nerevarine and Hortator is no easy task. Once accomplished, I check back at the Manor to see how things are progressing.

At last, my Stronghold, Rethan Manor, is complete.

 The time comes to face the last stage in my journey.

A meeting with Lord Vivec.

I am admitted to Lord Vivec’s chamber where we go over the final plans. He gives me Wraithguard, a gauntlet necessary for being able to equip two weapons that are essential for the destruction of Dagoth Ur.

My flying view over Ald-Ruhn as I embark on perhaps the last journey I will ever make…

From within nearby Sixth House citadels I collect Keening, a short blade, and Sunder, a large hammer.

Red Mountain

The storm is so heavy I can barely see. My going is slow, but Dagoth Ur’s citadel takes shape before me. The relative calm inside is almost a relief after the ash storm.

Lord Dagoth Ur

And as must be, I meet the God at last. I am rooted in place throughout our discussion, where he attempts to reason with me. He says if I still intend to defeat him, I must strike the first blow. Even as I begin to raise my arm he is ready and deflects the blows easily. However, all that training and questing was not for nought, and a steady stream of slashes appears to weaken him. He disappears and I am allowed a short reprieve to swig down some potions and check my magic shields.

I take the closest door into a huge chamber which houses Akulakhan, a colossal golem-like machine. Dagoth Ur is waiting for me but, remembering Vivec’s words, I gulp a levitation potion and head straight for the Heart.

Heart of Lorkhan

In the center of the abyss-like cavern I reach the Heart of Lorkhan and strike it once with the hammer Sunder. Dagoth Ur reaches me but I ignore his slashes and viciously stab the Heart five times with Keening.

Watching the destruction of Akulakhan from a distance.

It takes a great effort but hazily I float back to the platform by the door. There is a deafening roar and the dust swirls as the potion’s effects wear off. The effort of opening the door and dragging myself through it is almost too much.


When I see an apparition before me, I almost assume the end has come. However, it is Azura, who congratulates me and gifts me with a ring. As soon as I grab the ring she disappears, but a powerful sensation comes over me. Impossibly, I feel renewed and strengthened.

Stepping outside the dreadful ruins to breathe fresh air. The raging Ash Storm is over.

The reality hasn’t quite sunk in, but I make it outside. The air is calm and the Blight is gone. Dagoth Ur is really vanquished, his servants banished to Oblivion or recovering from their trances. I take a deep breath and cast Recall.


It feels strange to be home. As I rematerialise in the garden the overjoyed faces of the household staff are welcoming, and they embrace me in surprise and relief. After bringing me fresh clothing they prepare a dinner setting at the Manor. Things are going to be so different in Morrowind now, but I’m taking one domestic evening off before facing the inevitable crowds!


Coming Soon: Calliope’s adventures in Mournhold…

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