I'm Amy, a long-haired, Elven-souled lady from Melbourne, Australia, and this is my personal blog! I live with my love in a delightful cottage by the mountains, where I teach the piano.
I use this site to document important events or projects in my life, things like costuming (historical, classic lolita, fantasy etc.), adventures, music forays (early, classical, harpsichord, piano), and one of my most important passions: Middle-earth!

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February 2016
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At last, both a post and a fresh look for this little journal. I think it still needs a bit of work but I’m quite pleased with this layout, though all the graphic elements came from www.scrapbookgraphics.com. I feel vain sticking myself in the middle but it made more sense than to feature someone else. The picture is by Juliette, my lovely friend. Comments here have been totally disabled for a while because I’m getting an onslaught of dozens of spam comments every day!

I haven’t felt like doing anything for a few weeks because I’ve been in so much pain and discomfort, having sores and rashes from head to toe! With lots of open, cracked skin and a low immune system my body decided to get a staph infection too, which was gross. Eczema has really been ruining my life. I haven’t found much relief in any one thing, and the most difficult part has been trying to break the nighttime itch/scratch cycle and habit. We have spent so much on the doctors, the useless medication they prescribe, and other products to moisturise/bandage me up in! I am tired of the rigmarole of appointments and getting hopes up for nothing, and know that a real healing is more likely to come from good skincare habits, a detox, and a turnaround of diet and supplements. Things have let up a bit today though, so I fixed up this layout, practised lots of scales, went for a brisk and warming walk, and am going to end the day with a bit of Icewind Dale multiplayer and read Chamber of Secrets to Adam!

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