Revisiting Morrowind: Part One

In anticipation of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I had originally planned to run through Morrowind and Oblivion for old time’s sake, and perhaps document each journey with musings and screenshots. The release date has crept up quite quickly and I picked up a Skyrim collector’s edition today (while Adam’s cousin got the very limited edition and was promptly offered $600 from a total stranger for it), but  until we can officially install the game I’m whiling away the time on both Minecraft (future post will definitely include screenshots of all our ridiculous building projects) and by redesigning a good friend’s website. With only a few minutes to go there is just time to start the Elder Scrolls nostalgia, though so far I’ve only managed to get about halfway through Morrowind!

The mod I am using is the Morrowind Overhaul which includes much higher quality textures, models, skins, lighting, shading, water, and much more. It doesn’t really change the original gameplay so for people like me, who like “vanilla” Morrowind, it’s perfect because it just makes everything so much more vibrant and the NPCs a lot less ugly.

AH! Oh, it’s just a dark elf. His name’s Jiub and he wakes me to tell me I slept very heavily on the boat journey. I tell him my name and get off the boat.

See the rest under the cut!

To get out I need to give my details to an agent named Socucius. I tell him I’m an “Adventurer”, though the first thing I do once out of the room is pilfer everything in sight. This handsome man (a new NPC) gives me my release papers.
Sellus Gravius. This beefy man in uniform has officially allowed me to head beyond the docks into Seyda Neen, a town right in the middle of a swamp. He also gives me a package that I’m to deliver to a man called Caius Cosades in the town of Balmora.
Fargoth the stupid Bosmer asks if I’ve seen his ring. I might as well give it to him, because I’m going to steal it back later anyway.
Arrille’s Tradehouse, a good place to get a weapon and learn a few customs from the locals.
Swamp Flora: Coda Flowers, Draggle Tails, and Violet Coprinus
Hmm… there appears to be a body up ahead!
Before I ransacked his corpse, the fellow was dressed quite well and carried a sack of gold. Perhaps I’d better notify the authorities.
A man just fell from the sky! Oh dear.
His body is broken, the life smashed out of him upon impact. His nice robes (my new outfit…) and journal have survived the fall.
Tarhiel’s journal reads, “We’ll see who laughs after I leap to the top of their towers and scream out my success.” Hmm.


Seyda Neen and the night sky. A good time to set out to Balmora.
This enormous flea-like arthropod could get me to Balmora quite quickly but I decide to take the slow way and investigate nearby caves!
My first encounter with Khajiit slaves. I may be a thief, but I don’t hold with slavery, and quickly free them from their magical bracers.
I head past the Foyada Mamaea, fending off a few hostile rats and Kwama foragers.
Fort Moonmoth
Balmora on a rainy night. Now I just need to get to Caius’s house.
This important figure, who prefers to remain shirtless, initiates me into an order called the Blades. The members of this intelligence agency goes around spying and collecting information for the Empire.
On closer inspection, Caius seems to have a bit of a Skooma habit. I become curious and realise the potential of the white grains I stored in my pack from the earlier cave trip. Moon Sugar and Skooma, however, are illegal substances and I need to be careful about being seen with them.
Creeper, a “tame” Scamp who sells alcohol and whose inventory refreshes with 5000 gold every day. I visit him regularly to offload weapons and armour I have no use for.
Nelos, a lovable rogue who wins the heart of a lady after stealing her glove. I help to reunite the two.
The city of Vivec, Foreign Quarter.
Gosh, what sort of place could this be! Suran is an interesting little town.
Oh. I see. I might stop here for a drink.
After a few, I decide to approach one of the dancers…
Poor Rabinna! I escorted this slave safely away to the Argonian Mission.
Ald’Ruhn, a fascinating town but subject to ash storms.
The Manor District in Ald’Ruhn, which is actually the hollowed-out shell of an enormous crab named Skar.
I visit these mansions frequently for quests.
At this point a councilor for House Hlaalu I am sent to see asks me to do something. He will not sponsor me unless I do this.
“Uncle Crassius” gets his wish.
My personal library in the house I am currently squatting in.


Here ends the first part of my reminiscence upon this particular adventure on the isle of Vvardenfell. Later on you’ll see me visit the temple city of Mournhold, traverse the wild and snowy island of Solstheim, and then become a hero and make history!


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  1. My what nostalgia, it just leaps out and hits you in the face. although many merry tales can be told with oblivion and skyrim i dont think they can ever really get as wild as these. 🙂 absolutely wonderous post.

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