Diablo III

Hello, my friend! Stay a while and listen…

Our combined stash above, consisting of the collector’s edition (incl. art book, soundtrack, behind-the-scenes DVD, and bust of Diablo with USB soulstone containing D2), normal edition, mousepad and Book of Cain. 😀 The packaging was top quality. I love Blizzard for their design, concept art and presentation of everything from websites to in-game buttons and icons.

If you loved the Diablo series and can get past the change in having all your characters stored remotely, the accompanying lag from having to play a single-player game online, and sometimes not even being able to sign in, you may enjoy Diablo III. Another pesky thing is the fact unless you go in and change a particular setting, anyone on your friends list can join your party at any time. I think it’s both handy and frustrating to be able to do that, especially if you want to game privately.

Elyria, Demon Hunter in heels. My first playthrough was a co-op adventure with Adam’s wizard, and took us about 20 hours, which was divided up into about 3 sessions lasting a few hours, and a half-day session devoted to finishing on normal difficulty.

Click through the cut to see the rest (warning: spoilerish)!

New Tristram

 Nostalgia: Deckard Cain’s old hangout.

 Adria’s old hut! (“I sense a soul in search of answers”)
I can’t count the times I played through Diablo I, but it was… nice (?) to revisit Tristram.

 Zooming in here made me really miss World of Warcraft – I think it must be the candles.

Blizzard makes you feel like you’re inside their concept art.


 There was a skeleton rolling about in this device.

The Butcher. At least a decade ago this guy and his room with a carpet of blood and bodies in D1 gave me such a nightmare I actually “banned” myself from the game for a year or two. If nothing else in this series gives me the creeps, “AHH, FRESH MEAT” always will.

 Goodbye Cain. 🙁

 A new city. I loved the contrast in arriving there from the previous dark area.

 One of many gruesome scenes. :O

 She’s STILL in stilettos.


 Here we met Covetous Shen. Make sure you check out all his dialogue later on.

 The destruction of Belial. We found this more challenging than Diablo himself.

Castle Black >:D

 As you decend the levels of the Tower of the Cursed, more of these tortured behemoths are revealed.

 This one’s constraints were probably the worst, and I think they were the creepiest demons in the game. The idea of their eternal torture and enslavement on that scale, and passing them by while the pain and blindness probably prevents them from noticing you…


 If you weren’t already suspicious of Adria…

 The High Heavens are desecrated.


 Diablo changes form but on “normal” he isn’t a huge challenge.


 The diamond gates.

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