Amy lives with her tuxedo cat in a cute old miner’s cottage, nestled in a scenic alpine region outside Melbourne, Australia. She spends her days studying and teaching music, exploring local forests, putting together creative outfits and costumes, and immersing herself in the lore of Middle-earth.


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Aletheia Nocturne

Alêtheia” is a Greek term meaning “unconcealed”, which I chose for its association with the mythological river Lethe – and also because it’s a pleasant-sounding word. A Nocturne, in this instance, is a musical form which is evocative somehow of the night, and was popularised by Chopin. The term has significance to me because Chopin’s Nocturnes are one of my favourite sets of works for solo piano.

This domain actually began as a message board that I ran for friends, after becoming nostalgic for the mid-2000s when forums were still quite popular. It didn’t really take off, so I decided to create a proper blog to document my thoughts and life events.


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